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NEW YORK (CBSMiami) – Former Florida Gators Heisman winning quarterback Tim Tebow’s professional career may be over after he was released following an unsuccessful season with the New York Jets.

Tebow arrived to an unprecedented media storm for a backup quarterback. Tebow never shied away from the cameras, but the coverage given to him, especially by ESPN, turned his time with the team into a spectacle.

ESPN would spend countless hours hyping Tebow in New York even going so far as to station reporters outside of practice to breathlessly cover each day of practice after Tebow joined the team.

Tebow could never crack the starting lineup as a quarterback in New York, despite horrendous play from starter Mark Sanchez. Tebow was passed over in favor of the third string quarterback late last season and never recovered from that snub.

The Jets spent a second-round draft pick over the weekend on quarterback Geno Smith, who has a similar skillset, but a better and more accurate throwing arm. The combination of Smith and the huge salary cap hit cutting Sanchez would cost the Jets put Tebow at the top of the list to get cut.

The timing of Tebow’s release impacts his chances of signing with another team. By releasing Tebow after the draft, most teams have filled all of their roster spots. The Jets reportedly were hoping for a trade for Tebow for a late pick, but no one else in the league believed that would happen, and it didn’t.

Tebow’s chances of playing quarterback in the NFL are over. His only chance of sticking around in the league now is to put his heart and soul into learning how to play a fullback/h-back/tight end position. But he’ll have a learning curve and he’s repeatedly said he will not change positions.

If that’s the case, then Tim Tebow fans have likely seen the last of him in the NFL, barring a catastrophic injury to a player on a team who occasionally utilizes a spread-option style attack. Outside of that, Tebow’s professional career as a quarterback is likely finished.


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