MIAMI (CBS4) – Family members mourning a man’s death got into a scuffle with police and two people were arrested.

Miami Police said officers received a report of shots fired near the intersection of West 3rd Avenue and 22 Street Monday afternoon and found a man lying in the street from multiple gunshot wounds.

Miami Fire-Rescue arrived and were unable to resuscitate the man. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Chopper 4 showed a scuffle with police.  The video shows one man run past crime scene tape toward the yellow tarp covering a young man’s body.  Police quickly grabbed the man and  as they struggle another man ran in. He too began to scuffle with police and the struggle gets violent. From Chopper 4 you can see the officer punch the man before he’s tackled to the ground.

A statement from the Fraternal Order of Police identifies the officer involved in the struggle as Detective Bosch.

“While Detective Bosch attempts to subdue the subject, he grabs him by the tie and continues to resist,” the statement read. “The subject then raises his hands with clenched fists and is within striking distance of Detective Bosch. “

But the murder victim’s Aunt has a different view.

“I don’t think he should’ve got hit, he was just trying to get to his brother,” said Pat Lammons, who said the man who was killed was her nephew Brandon Walker and the men who crossed the crime tape were his older brothers.

She said the victim’s mother also crossed into the crime scene trying to get to her son’s body.   Video shows police removing a woman from the crime scene.  She was not in handcuffs.

“Unbelievable,” said Lammons, as she watched the video.  “I’m looking at my nephew’s body and I see both my nephews and my niece, stepdaughter trying to get there. It just hurts,” she said.

Lammons says her nephew just left her home before he was killed.  She says he was the father of new baby.   

Both men who entered the crime scene were arrested and police say they’ll be charged with contaminating a crime scene and battery on an officer.

Police say the officers’ actions were justified.

“If there’s any wrongdoing our police department will investigate.  At this moment there isn’t any wrongdoing that we can see.  The officer’s simply acting in the line of duty they’re protecting the scene, protecting themselves, and protecting the public,” said Sgt. Freddie Cruz.

There have been no arrests in the murder.


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