DAVIE (CBSMiami) – Davie Police arrested a man Wednesday night they said was being a peeping tom on a South Florida home.

Police were called and told a man was looking into a window and masturbating. Davie Police said they found 18-year-old Luis Velasco standing in front of the north side of a trailer at 616 SW 131 Avenue.

Police said he was in front of a bedroom window jumping up and down looking inside of it. Police detained Velasco and said when they looked inside the home they saw a woman taking a bath.

Davie Police told the victim what was going on and she said she had just undressed to get into the bath tub and didn’t know Velasco. Police said that while Velasco’s pants were unzipped, they didn’t see him masturbating outside the window.

Davie Mom Jessica Ott is a bit freaked out after a neighbor said she saw Velasco allegedly peeking in Jessica’s window

“I saw him like jumping, trying to sneak on my neighbor’s window,” said a neighbor who does not want to be identified.  “I saw when he pulled down his zipper and he was touching himself, he was masturbating

She said today has been a rough day.

“I was trying to brush my teeth and I had the bathroom door shut and my son opened it and I started crying.  I don’t how it will be in the future, but today’s not very easy,” she said. “You think you’re secure in your own home,” Ott said.  “When you have three kids you teach them this is your safe spot, this is your secure spot.”

Velasco faces one charge of being a peeping tom.



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