Zoo Miami Welcomes Harpy Eagle Chick

MIAMI (CBS4) – Zoo Miami is celebrating the arrival of it’s newest resident – an adorable Harpy Eagle chick.

The chick, born on December 2, is just being introduced to the public because the species are extremely delicate and usually experience a high mortality rate in its early weeks of life.

According to Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill, it is the second hatching of the highly endangered species at Zoo Miami. Harpy Eagles are the most powerful birds of prey in the Western Hemisphere and can be found in lowland tropical forests in Central and South America. They feed on a variety of canopy birds and mammals including macaws, monkeys, and sloths.

Photo Gallery: Harpy Eagle Chicks

Harpy eagles have a lifespan of up to  35 years.

The chick will be on display at the Amazon and Beyond Exhibit.




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