MIAMI (CBSMiami) – On Monday thousands of South Floridians will head back to work after the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but that doesn’t mean the start holiday shopping blitz is over.

Sure, we had Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

But the first day back to work is Cyber Monday where online retailers will offer up deals to nab their share of the holiday dollars.

But not every deal on the web is that and many experts warn would-be shoppers about scams.

If you plan to do a little browsing, or maybe a little buying, on your lunch hour be sure the sites you visit are secure. The will have an address beginning with “https” and a padlock image at the bottom of the page.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to look over the company’s privacy policy to see what they will do with your personal information.

Also, beware of deals that appear to be too good to be true. And before you start, make sure your computers anti-virus software and spam filters are up to date and your fire wall is up.

Tempting as it may be to purchase a product while using a public Wi-Fi network, these hotspots can be virtual playgrounds for cybercriminals. Instead, use a personal VPN or wait until you’re on a protected network before purchasing anything online or logging onto your bank website.

Not all spam is harmless; some spam carries viruses and other malicious threats that may harm your computer. With holiday headlines like “Insane Cyber Monday Deals: 80% off!” or even more subtle but seasonal captions like “Information about your shipped package!,” you may be tempted to click, but you’d be wise to junk them instead. Always be cautious of any emails you receive from unknown recipients or that seem just a bit too generous.

Take your security with you. Threats on mobile devices are on the rise, and becoming increasingly sophisticated. Also, while shopping for apps for your new holiday gadget, beware that many mobile apps now feature unwanted aggressive advertising known as “madware” or mobile adware. Use a security solution and adware tool for your smartphones, tablets, laptops and home computers to keep you protected, whether you’re shopping at home or on the move.

Are you ready to get shopping but don’t know where to go? Check these sites out for starters.

Here are a few websites worth visiting on Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday shopping season:

Everything Under The Sun

Go to Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Are Just A Click Away

Need a Blu-ray player or a book? How about groceries or a shirt or an accessory for your cell phone? Amazon’s got all this stuff and a whole lot more. And their already low prices drop to basement levels on selected items for Cyber Monday. Amazon even hints at what they’re going to do the Saturday before… so check the site out beforehand.

Computers, Mobile Devices, Music and More

Go to the Apple Store

Apple is known for being a little more expensive than its competitors—but you get what you pay for. The online store features deals similar to those in the brick-and-mortar store, saving you the hassle and grief of the local mall. Free shipping is often added in to sweeten the deals.

Computer Supplies and Accessories

Go to Fry’s

If you’re looking for computer and home electronics stuff, then Fry’s has you covered. They’ve got everything from notebooks and tablets to routers and hard drives to cameras and camcorders. It’s all here and more. The Cyber-specials will save you loads on what you want and need. You don’t have to be a geek to love what you’ll find (though it doesn’t hurt).

Movies and Video Games

Go to Blockbuster

Blockbuster is more than just rentals; it’s also a DVD and video game store. You can give a membership or buy discounted movies and games to give as gifts. The deals get even sweeter when Cyber Monday rolls around. But you’ll have to visit that day to see what’s up because they’re not revealing anything ahead of time.


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