Big Story:
Oh where to start today….we could look at the weekend’s Canes-FSU snoozefest or channel our inner Heat and look forward to a preseason Heat game. Or we could talk Dolphins. But, let’s get to the elephant in the room, that’s also the stupidest story of the day…A-Rod.

Quote of the Day:
“Politics is an act of faith; you have to show some kind of confidence in the intellectual and moral capacity of the public.” – George McGovern

Miami Marlins/A-Rod:
Wow, where do I start with this one.
Keith Olbermann, yeah that one, tweeted yesterday that the Marlins and Yankees were discussing a deal for Alex Rodriguez.
Basically, the Marlins would take A-Rod off of New York’s hands in exchange for the Yankees taking on most of his salary.
The Marlins could also dump Heath Bell’s albatross of a contract on the Yankees.
Okay, first off, the Yankees wouldn’t do this because it’s a stupid trade.
Second, and I hope the Marlins are smart enough to know this…IT’S A STUPID TRADE!!!
Third, why would you want A-Rod at this point in his career?
He’s washed up, he’s on the decline after years of drug use, and his biggest claim to fame in the playoffs this year is sending a baseball to some women in the stands hoping to get their phone number.
Of course, the Marlins being the Marlins, they may be stupid enough to do something like this in hopes of drawing fans.
Really? Drawing fans to see A-Rod.
I could understand if this was 2004 or something, but not in 2012. I don’t think he has many, if any, fans left.
Still, never put a stupid move past Jeffrey Loria. He’s made a career out of fleecing the public and could do something this incredibly stupid.

Miami Heat: (vs. Detroit Pistons, AM 790)
Ah yes, the best South Florida sports team hits the home court for the first time this preseason tonight.
The Heat will be looking to continue rounding out the lineup of small ball that they plan to use this season.
What I’m interested in seeing tonight is how much can Dwyane Wade play and how he is used.
I’d also like to see Rashard Lewis get his shot going in the preseason and see Norris Cole cut down on the turnovers, big time.
If Cole can do that, he’s got a shot at major playing time.
Plus, the Kid N Play fade just rules!
I’m also interested to see Bosh matchup against Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.
A couple of huge big men he’ll have to get used to defending this year, we’ll see how he does in limited action tonight.
Also, we’ll see if Jorts can knock out Mickell Gladness for one of the big men spot left on the roster.
It’s possible both can make it, if the Heat ditch Dexter Pittman, which is a distinct possibility.
Oh yeah, we’ll also see if Ray Allen can continue to stroke it from behind the arc at the AAA. Early returns are positive.

College Football:
It’s Thursday, so I can’t let the day go by without my college football picks of the week.
Some really good games this weekend and I might even pick Mizzou.
They have a tough game against the BYE this weekend. If the BYE has an SEC defense, I’m taking the BYE over Mizzou.
Anyways, on to the picks!
Oregon over Arizona State
LSU over Texas A&M
Ohio State over Purdue
Vandy over Auburn
Clemson over Virginia Tech
Notre Dame over BYU
Nebraska over Northwestern
NC State over Maryland
Florida over South Carolina
Alabama over Tennessee
Georgia over Kentucky
Oklahoma over Kansas
Upset – West Virginia over Kansas State
Texas over Baylor
Penn State over Iowa
Oregon State over Utah
Finally, the big game of the week….and it’s the lead pipe lock.
Florida State over Miami.


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