MIAMI (CBS4) – More than 15,000 pages of formerly secret Boy Scout documents are now public.

The Boy Scouts of America released files naming more than 1,200 scout leaders and volunteers accused of sexual abuse between 1965 and 1985.    They’ve been called the “perversion files” and the Oregon Supreme Court ordered the Boy Scouts of America release the files.

The organization has now put procedures in place to protect kids. CBS4’s Maggie Newland talked to scoutmasters and parents of kids in troop 65 on Miami Beach.

Ed Steinman says he’s been a scoutmaster with the troop since the mid-70s.

“I think scouting is a wonderful thing.  I don’t think we have that problem of molesting children,” he said. “We do everything to prevent it.”

Jim Ramey who leads the cub scouts said he was cautious at first when his son wanted to join the scouts.

“I looked carefully at who these people are and why they’re doing this,” he said.  Now he’s a leader and says scouting has helped him talk to his sons about avoiding abuse. “Thank goodness the scouts have moved ahead. At all times we’ve got two adults around the boys, at least two adults, no one-on-ones.”

Parents say they have to take an online class before coming to scouts with their kids.

“They also do background checks as well to make sure every parent is safe,” said Javier Mayol, whose son is a scout.

The handbook also has forms parents must sign saying they’ve talked to their children about how to recognize abuse or abusers.


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