Something Extra: Presidential Punchfest

MIAMI (CBS4) – What was supposed to be a presidential debate quickly turned into cringe-inducing  combat.  The candidates clobbered each other in a colossal clash that made some viewers worry we were going to see a presidential punchfest.

Misleading statements repeatedly flew out of both men’s mouths.

Misspeaking hurt Mitt Romney.

He blew a chance at a knockout punch on the Obama Administration’s handling of the Libya attack.

Romney also gave opponents another “Big Bird” moment by mentioning “binders full of women,” instead of binders of women’s resumes.  A mostly silly internet firestorm followed on Twitter and Facebook.

Seven million tweets made Twitter the place to follow the debate for political junkies, but tweets about the binders and Candy Crowley’s hair got annoying.

The President made a big recovery from what many have called the disaster in Denver, but, as the Dallas Morning News asked: “Obama brings heat in second debate, but did he sacrifice likability?

Image is almost everything.  There’s little doubt both candidates did what they had to do last night to keep their supporters energized.  But how their images fared with the all-important undecided voters remains to be seen.


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