Big Story:
Man, the Dolphins played terribly yesterday and still came out ahead. Not bad, not too bad at all. UM continued its defensive woes and now will welcome in a Florida State team…more after the jump. And who will win tonight, all in the agenda.

Quote of the Day:
“God is dead.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
“Nietzsche is dead.” – God

College Football:
Man, what a weekend of college ball.
Alabama steamrolled Missouri back to the Big 8 (vague old conference reference for you)
Florida looks like the real deal too.
Did anyone else laugh at West Virginia or was it just me?
You can’t be dead last in the country in defense and not have it catch up with you eventually.
I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did.
Seriously, they made Seth Doege look like a Heisman contender. (32-42, 499 yards, 6 TD’s)
Kudos to Tommy Tuberville for pulling the upset there, he has a knack for that recently. If only for his team not showing up against Oklahoma…
Speaking of the Big XII, did anyone catch the number on that train that ran over Texas?
Holy Cotton Bowl Batman!
I don’t want to say that Oklahoma and Bob Stoops has Mack Brown’s number, but consider this….Brown has won nearly 80 percent of his games at Texas.
But, Since 2000, Oklahoma has beaten Texas 63-14 (2000), 65-13 (2003), 55-17 (2011), and now 63-21 (2012).
I think Texas fans are about to get really upset and Brown could be headed to the unemployment line if his defense doesn’t start to show up soon.
As long as we’re talking about coaches with one foot out of the door….
Meet Auburn’s Gene Chizik.
If you remember just a few seasons ago, Chizik was hoisting the national championship trophy at Auburn.
But lest you also forget, Cam Newton was the quarterback that year.
Oh what a difference two years makes.
Chizik is likely to be fired at the end of the season. He started off 1-5 this year and won’t resign, which is what happened the last time Auburn started 1-5 (see Terry Bowden).
But Auburn got themselves into this…consider the following:
With Cam Newton as his quarterback, Chizik is 14-0. Without Newton, he’s 17-15 at his current school, including 7-13 in the SEC and adding in his time as Iowa State’s head coach, he’s got a pathetic 22-34 record without Newton.
So unless Cam’s coming through the door, Chizik’s on his way out.
This weekend, we get a treat in South Florida!
Florida State’s vaunted offense comes to town to take on one of the worst defenses in college football. (121st out of 124 teams in total defense)
Don’t forget, FSU’s offense has gone for more than 600 yards in not one, not two, not three, but four games this season.
Miami’s giving up 500 yards per game in total offense.
In other words, UM fans better get drunk before the game because they’re going to have to be completely lit to drown out the misery that’s likely coming from Tallahassee.

Miami Dolphins:
I was surfing through scores last night looking at stats and did a double-take on the Dolphins game.
The defense gave up 462 yards of offense to the Rams and the Dolphins still won?
Miami managed just 192 yards of offense? And they won?
The Fins had a total of 19 yards rushing on 18 plays?!?!
St. Louis should have won, but they shot themselves in the foot more than almost any team I’ve seen recently.
Red zone opportunity after red zone opportunity went kaput and 2-5 field goals aint’ gonna help.
Hey, the Dolphins will take it and a good performance from Ryan Tannehill helped the Fins stay in the game.
The Fins head into the bye week at 3-3 for the season.
How many of you Fins fans would have taken that and run at the beginning of the season?
Oh yeah, and they’re tied for first place in the AFC East…course so is the rest of the division!
Looking ahead at Miami’s schedule after the bye…
They have a tough game at New York against the Jets and then face the Colts, Titans, and Bills in consecutive weeks.
All of those are winnable games before the Dolphins welcome in the Seahawks for what should be a fun game in Week 12.
The good teams find a way to win, and the Dolphins did just that.

That’s it for today as your fearless writer is sick and trying to conserve energy.
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