Big Story:
Man what a weekend of football. We learned a lot this weekend, including: FSU isn’t back, Missouri is in WAY over their heads in the SEC, Alabama is that good, the Dolphins are better than we think, and the AFC East, outside of the Patriots, is just awful. All that and more in the agenda!

Quote of the day:
“How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.” – Marcus Aurelius

College Football:
Let’s see what we learned this weekend after some wild games.
We’ll start with the BCS Championship picture…
Florida State is out, thanks for playing.
You can’t lose to NC State when your schedule includes Murray State, Savannah State, and UCF and expect to be a major BCS player.
Speaking of that game, man, that was just an ugly, ugly finish. So much for that top ranked defense!
Moving to the SEC…
South Carolina is really, REALLY good and are likely the only threat to the coronation of Alabama as SEC champion.
I’ll say this, I think South Carolina’s defensive line is the BEST in college football.
It’s just monsters across that line who play meet me at the quarterback each week. Nice, nasty defense, combined with a very efficient offense equals major SEC player.
West Virginia could be the thorn in the side of the BCS.
Let’s face it, defense is a foreign language to WVU and eventually it’s going to catch up with them.
But before we go further, Notre Dame shouldn’t be considered at this point. If they run the tables maybe, but I’ll still take a one-loss SEC team over Notre Dame any day.
Still, Notre Dame treated UM like a red-headed stepchild on Saturday and never let them in the game.
By the way, the only team playing defense as bad as WVU? Yeah, that’d be the vaunted UM. Man, they are just awful defensively and it’s not all attributable to youth.
Florida outlasted LSU in a defensive struggle and as bad as UM’s defense is, man LSU’s offense is just pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, UF has a vastly improved defense, but LSU’s offense was stuck in the mud all night long.
Insane number of the weekend: Arizona quarterback Scott (45-69, 491 yards, three touchdowns) [69 passes?!?!]
Don’t look now, but there’s an ACC team with only one loss right now that no one saw coming…..Duke!
Auburn and Kentucky are in a race for the worst team in the SEC…could be worse, they could be Kansas, whose coach is two doughnuts short of Mangino.
Finally in college football, just to show that I’m equal opportunity when it comes time to call someone out…
Missouri lost to Vanderbilt.
I’ve seen bad offense before, I’ve watched plenty of Big Ten games, but man Missouri’s offense is a mess right now. And it’s sad too because the defense has played well enough to win games, but the offense is just terrible.
Mizzou’s backup quarterback can supposedly really throw the ball, the only problem is he can’t throw it where Mizzou’s receivers can catch it.
And if you wanted to know what ugly looks like….Mizzou just lost to Vanderbilt and guess who’s coming to Columbia this weekend?
Yup, the Alabama Crimson Tide.
Hey Nick, if you’ve got a heart, could you stop the scoring at about 30-35 points? We Mizzou fans would appreciate it.
Wow, losing to Vandy….that’s like….losing to NBC in the ratings.

Miami Dolphins:
How about that, the Dolphins hold on at the end and close out the Bengals.
One thing I’ve seen from the Dolphins this season is improvement each week, especially from Ryan Tannehill.
I hate the turnovers, and that will get cleaned up over time.
But let’s face it, who would’ve thought the Fins would be 2-3 at this point?
They probably should be 4-1 if not for Dan Carpenter’s kick against NY and bad turnover against Arizona.
But still, the Fins are 2-3 and just 1 game behind the Patriots, and if the Jets lose tonight, they will be tied for second with everyone else in the AFC East.
And let’s be honest, the Fins can probably beat the Jets now and can certainly beat the Bills.
I’ll say this, at this point in the season, I think the Dolphins are the second best team in the AFC East.
If they continue to improve, 2013 should be one heckuva season.
But those turnovers, someone has to step up and cut down on the turnovers.
And the Dolphins run defense…man is it good.
I don’t think they have allowed a 100 yard rusher this season and the Bengals, or as I heard them referred to on one station, the Bangles, managed just 80 yards rushing between four players.
Fins fans, it’s coming around.
But if Charles Clay runs out of bounds again with under 2 minutes to go and the clock running….someone cut him!

That’s it for today, follow me on Twitter @timkephart33
More football and some Heat tomorrow.


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