MIAMI (CBSMiami) – American Airlines will ask a bankruptcy judge on Tuesday for permission to throw out its labor agreement with its pilots.

On Labor Day more than one hundred of the airlines pilots protested the move at Miami International Airport. Last month, the pilots rejected the airlines offer for a new agreement.

“This is a very difficult point. American Airlines has a decision to make. They want motivated pilots to come to work and fly 250,000 passengers around the country everyday or do they want pilots to come to work not motivated,” said Howie Schack with the Allied Pilots Association.

American Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection last November. In an effort to right the airline, the carrier is trying to have its contract with their pilots voided. The impact for the pilots would most likely mean pay cuts and an increase in hours.

“The pay is far below the pilots at other carriers and simply far too low for the pilots at American Airlines,” said Schack.

Passengers at Miami International Airport had mixed reactions to the pilots’ protest.

“It may be an economic reality. It is tough times. However being a teacher our contracts are always up for grabs. I feel having that safety net, relaxes your mind. You can do your job,” said Hossan Abadi.

“I think it’s all crooked as far as corporation wise. I think it shouldn’t have happened with other corporations but everyone has to file suit,” said Mohommad Aburas.

All indications are that the bankruptcy judge will rule in the favor of American Airlines and the pilots will be without a contract. Of course all this may be avoided with a potential merger to US Airways but even that could be a few years off.


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