MIAMI (CBS4) – They come in every shape, size and flavor. It seems bottled waters are everywhere!

With so many different waters to choose from, water designed to provide you with vitamins, help you sleep and water that curbs your appetite, how do you know what’s right for you? Or should you stick with regular water?

“The average person who is not performing high intensity physical activity exceeding sixty minutes or more really isn’t going to benefit from an electrolyte enhanced bottle water or performance water,” said Melissa Adylia Calasanz, a personal trainer and USA  Track and Field certified level one coach.

Calasanz pointed out that water with added electrolytes is unnecessary if you’re not physically active. “You’re spending a lot of money on something you can get from a municipal tap water source.”

Vitamin water claims it provides vitamin C. But Calasanz said you can get that just as easily by eating a piece of fruit. “You can eat a tomato or a kiwi or an orange or an apple and you can get even more Vitamin C than what is provided in some of these designer waters.”

Jocelyn Gonzalez enjoys vitamin water for the flavor.

“I like more flavored water than tap water. Tap water doesn’t taste that good.”

But Calasanz warned consumers to read labels carefully because regular Vitamin water contains 120 calories and about 8 tablespoons of sugar!

“It has over 30 grams of sugar and that’s more than one candy bar,” Calasanz declared.

Calasanz is a fan of pure coconut water. The 60 calorie water replenishes the body with electrolytes. “I would recommend replacing your sodas with a coconut water but again I’d first encourage somebody to start moving more. Start sweating and then go ahead and grab a coconut water.”

What about these 2-and-a-half ounce bottles of Dream Water that claim to help people sleep?

“I would first recommend that they seek the advice of their health care practitioner before investing in a strange little bottle of water,” said Calasanz.

“Is this going to make me lose weight?” asked a woman on the street.

Lastly there’s Skinny Water. Nutritionists say there is no solid evidence that it helps curb your appetite.

Calasanz’s advice for staying fit: get all your nutrients and vitamins by exercising and just eating healthy foods.


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