MIAMI (CBS4) – Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for people who fly, they have.

I hate to wax nostalgic about anything, especially airline food, but I miss the days when they gave you a hot meal in coach and seats had enough legroom for adults, not just ten year olds.

But now airlines are trying to cram even more seats on their planes by cutting legroom yet again.

Southwest Airlines has reportedly lost an inch of legroom, as has JetBlue on some planes.

The industry standard had already dropped from thirty two inches a decade ago to thirty one now.

Spirit Airlines has as little as twenty eight!

Seated, I measure more than twenty five inches from my knees to my back, so if people in front of me recline they’ll have my kneecap in their spines.

Sure, you can buy seats with more legroom, just like you can buy food and pay to check a bag.  The fees never end.

I was just on a commuter plane next to a guy my size, on tiny seats with so little legroom, I’ve never been so close to anyone I wasn’t hugging.

Making it more miserable, the guy had connected from an overnight international flight and probably hadn’t showered or brushed his teeth in twenty four hours.

Truly something special in the air.

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