Something Extra: The Nicest Neighborhoods

MIAMI (CBS4) – If you’re thinking of moving, you may want to go to Australia or Canada.

The UK’s Economist Group ranked the world’s most livable cities by analyzing a very broad range of factors.

Melbourne, Australia, headed the list, followed by Vienna, Austria, and Canada’s Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

Three other Australian cities, including Sydney, made the top ten.

American cities didn’t do great. Best was Honolulu at 26, followed by Pittsburgh… yes, Pittsburgh, at 30.

Miami was number 36, the sixth best American city, just behind Washington, Chicago and Atlanta, but barely ahead of Detroit and Cleveland… huh?

No cities in Latin America or Africa made the top fifty and only three in Asia did: Osaka, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Conflict, crime and poverty condemned most third world cities to the bottom of the hundred forty cities evaluated.

The worst were mostly in Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, with Dhaka, Bangladesh dead last.

American cities were hurt by crime and congestion, but all of them, including New York, were among the sixty three cities that made the top tier of livability.

But Pittsburgh better than Miami?


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