MIAMI (CBS4) – A SWAT situation in Southwest Miami-Dade has ended after a man believed to be barricaded inside his home was not inside when police barged in.

Officers descended on the home on the 10-thousand block of SW 69th Terrace about 5:40 Friday afternoon after learning there might be an armed man inside refusing to leave his home. Police believe the incident began as a domestic dispute between 36 year old Carlos Guerrero and his brother. When the rescue squad arrived, police say rescue crews saw Guerrero run toward the house. Police said when they couldn’t make contact with him, they were concerned he might be barricaded inside and a danger to himself or the community.

“We learned that he is a veteran and there was firearms inside the house,” said MDPD Det. Alvaro Zabaleta. “So now, of course, when you add to the formula an individual that has firearms inside the house, refuses to come out, that’s already had a physical confrontation with somebody then of course that escalates things a little bit.”

Police taped off several blocks surrounding the home and kept dozens of neighbors out of their homes for more than five hours. Other neighbors who were inside before the SWAT team arrived were told to remain inside.

Melissa Morejon was outside the police tape while her mother and son were inside.

“He tried going out earlier but they wouldn’t’ let her out of her house. They told her to go right back in,” she said.

Morejon spent much of the evening on the phone with her mom who kept her updated on the situation.

“She heard the police trying to negotiate,” Morejon said.

After police couldn’t make contact with Guerrero for several hours, the SWAT Team went in, but found the home empty. Now Police want to find him to talk to him and see what happened. Although neighbors were displaced for hours, police say they had to take every precaution to keep people safe.


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