FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Mega millionaire Guma Aguiar is still missing. His fishing boat ran aground in Fort Lauderdale more than two weeks ago without him in it.

Some believe he died in the rough seas, while others think he faked his own death.

But in new videos from a friend of his, we get a close look at Aguiar.

“There’s always a nice breeze on this canal,” said Aguiar in one of the videos, while on his boat.

As part of a documentary film project, filmmaker Jerry Levine followed Aguiar around the world.

“You able to kind of clear your mind when you’re out here?” asked Levine.

“I have a hard time clearing my mind anyway, but this is a good place to try,” replied Aguiar.

Levine believes Aguiar may have been bipolar. He considers him a close friend with a big heart. In one of the videos, you see Aguiar in Haiti with Project Medishare, which provides relief for children injured in the earthquake.

“You guys have to get ready for the Olympics. Yeah, you have to get ready for the Olympics,” Aguiar tells the children.

Guma is even seen meeting Haitian President Michele Martelly.

“A pleasure meeting you, Guma,” said President Martelly.

Aguiar bought more than 25 properties in Israel. One of them overlooks one of the holiest sites in the world: the Western Wall.

“The first time I was there, it was such an overwhelming experience, there’s no way to put it into words, it’s like a shock to my soul,” said Aguiar.

Levine says Aguiar is not the kind of person to fake his own death. He hopes the rumors about Aguiar hiding somewhere in the world are true, but he believes that is unlikely.

Meanwhile, Aguiar’s wife and mother are still in court fighting over his estate.


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