MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Florida Governor Rick Scott has touted Florida’s declining unemployment rate for the past several months. According to Bloomberg News, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has a message for Scott, be quiet.

Bloomberg News reported Thursday the Romney campaign has requested Scott to not herald the improving economy in the state of Florida.

The Romney campaign believes that if Scott and other Republican governors tout how state economies are improving, it will undercut Romney’s message that the economy is in trouble due to President Barack Obama’s policies.

Instead, according to Bloomberg, Romney wants Scott, a fellow Republican, to say that while the state’s economy is improving, it would improve faster under a Romney presidency.

As has reported in the past, Florida’s unemployment rate has exceeded the national average for years, but is now following the downward trend of the national unemployment rate.

Typically, Republicans have labeled any decline in the unemployment rate nationally as a sign of people leaving the workforce and not an improving or steady economy. But several Republican governors have taken credit for state trends in declining unemployment without any caveats.

If Republican governors continue to undercut Romney’s unemployment/economic message, which is what his entire campaign is built upon, it will make his chances of winning the White House that much more difficult.


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