Something Extra: McHoneymoon

MIAMI (CBS4) – In the interest of full disclosure, as I’ve mentioned before, I like fast food and I have eaten at McDonald’s in a lot of foreign cities, including Paris, London, Caracas and Jerusalem.

But Mark Zuckerberg is getting a lot of flak for taking his new bride to the golden arches in the Eternal City.

The Facebook founder and Priscilla Chan have been spotted at the Sistine Chapel and at some of Rome’s other stunning sites.

But what’s getting most attention is that he got McDonald’s to go in one of the world’s great food cities.

He’s being called a skinflint for going there and to a kosher restaurant where the meal only cost forty dollars.

I’m all for giving the billionaire a hard time over the overpriced initial public offering that’s made investors lose big bucks… Facebook stock kept going down today and fell below thirty dollars.

But let him eat where he wants.

According to the old saying, when in Rome do as the Romans do.

A quick internet search found at least ten Mickey D’s in Rome, so if the Romans eat there why shouldn’t Zuckerberg?

On the other hand, if I had taken my wife to McDonald’s during my honeymoon, I don’t think I’d still be married.



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