MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Traditionally, the military has supported Republicans in national elections. That could be slowly changing as President Barack Obama is picking up support among those who defend the nation.

According to, Obama had the most support from the armed forces in March. Previously, Republican Ron Paul had been the darling of military members making campaign donations.

But as Paul’s candidacy fades, Obama has been able to swoop in and pull support to his camp. According to OpenSecrets, in March Obama received $36,448 from military members. Paul received $17,733 in campaign donations and Romney received $8,630.

For the entire election cycle, Paul has received $333,134 in donations from the military. President Obama is second with $184,505 and Romney is third in donations with $45,738.

Breaking the numbers down further, Obama is preferred by members of the Department of Defense and beats Romney in every single wing of the military. The closest Romney comes is in the Army where Obama leads Romney $46,624-$22,338.

But before the President can start celebrating more support from the military, it remains to be seen whether the supporters of Paul will trend towards the President or towards Romney.

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