TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami) – Some political pundits have speculated former Governor Charlie Crist might consider might consider running again for the top state job, this time as a Democrat, and comments made Friday might fuel that talk. Crist said in a television interview he has “some admiration” for President Obama, saying he has tried to work across the political aisle, though the former Republican governor isn’t endorsing Obama’s re-election effort.

In an interview broadcast Friday on MSNBC, Crist, who left the Republican Party in 2010 while running unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate, said the GOP has become a party in which it is “increasingly difficult” for any moderates to operate.

“What has happened to moderation, at least in the Republican Party, is it’s practically non-existent,” and that to be successful, current Republicans have to ” toe the line and talk in tea party terminology,” Crist said.

“I think it’s very, very difficult for moderation to be heard, but I think for the betterment of the country, you’ve got to have people that are willing to work together for the overall good…..You’ve got to, I think, put forward a voice and a message that says that you want to govern for all the people not just the radical right of the Republican Party.”

Crist said Obama seemed to be interested in working with Republicans, which resulted in the question if that was an endorsement. Crist said no, but that he was expressing “some admiration.”

Crist was heavily criticized when he was governor – during which time he was still a Republican – for welcoming Obama to Florida with a hug.

The News Service of Florida contributed to this report


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