MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Republicans hoping Florida Senator Marco Rubio will join Mitt Romney as his vice-presidential candidate can probably start looking elsewhere.

Echoing what he told CBS4’s Jim DeFede last week, Senator Rubio told a National Journal forum in Washington the he “didn’t want to be the vice president right now, or maybe ever.”

Watch CBS4’s Jim Defede’s interview with Rubio on a number of topics including the vice-presidency.

But Rubio also took his likely refusal of the vice presidency a little further Thursday and said he would tell Romney directly that he would not join the ticket, again echoing what he told CBS4.

“But you know, he’s not going to ask,” Rubio said. “That’s not how this works. He’s watching this interview; so he’ll know.”

Rubio also told the forum the even if the Romney and the Republican Party needed him to attract Latino voters, he would still say no, according to the Huffington Post.

Rubio has been considered one of the rising stars of the Republican Party ever since he was first elected. His cool under pressure interview style along with his political beliefs have made him a favorite of the tea party and mainstream Republicans are starting to warm to his shrewd politics.

It’s typical for potential vice-presidential candidates to disavow interest in the job, but Rubio seems to be drawing a firm line in the sand based off his public statements. If Rubio carries through with his public statements, the list for potential Republican vice president is quite large.

Among the candidates that Romney could potentially be looking at: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, former Secretary Of State Condoleeza Rice, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

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