Grand Jury Will Not Hear Trayvon Martin Case

MIAMI (CBS4) – Florida State Attorney Angela Corey decided Monday to not use a Grand Jury in the Trayvon Martin shooting death.

The grand jury was expected to release their report on Tuesday as to whether Zimmerman should be charged in the Feb. 26th shooting. The case is now in the hands of special prosecutor Angela Corey.

Ms. Corey said from the beginning that she may not need a grand jury.

According to the state attorney’s office, the decision “should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case.”

Former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey told CBS4’s Gio Benitez that by not using a grand jury, prosecutors will probably not charge Zimmerman with a capital offense.

Additionally, lawyer Janet Johnson, who works in Corey’s jurisdiction, said grand jury are used on “all First Degree Murder cases.”

Here’s what state attorney Corey said in her Monday release:

State Attorney Angela Corey has decided not to use a Grand Jury in the Trayvon Martin shooting death investigation.

The decision should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case. The Grand Jury, set to convene on April 10, 2012, was previously scheduled by the former prosecutor.

Ms. Corey was appointed as the Special Prosecutor on March 22, 2012, by Governor Rick Scott. From the moment she was assigned, Ms. Corey noted she may not need a Grand Jury.

At this time, the investigation continues and there will be no further comment from this office.

An attorney for the Martin’s family said the evidence is there.

“We believe that she should make a decision and we’re optimistic that she will make a decision within this week,” said Natalie Jackson.

Zimmerman claims Martin attacked him and he fired in self-defense, according to Sanford police who did not charge him because of the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law which allows Floridians to use deadly force if they feel their life is threatened.

The lack of charges created a nationwide response. Dozens of rallies and demonstrations have been held demanding justice.

Monday, student protests at the Sanford Police Department forced police to close their headquarters building.

On Sunday, about 40 Florida college students and alumni wrapped up their three-day march from Daytona to Sanford Sunday evening. While they arrived at a local church triumphant, they recognized their quest for an arrest in the Martin case is far from over.

“Today is just the beginning,” said Phillip Agnew, a student demonstrator.”It is not the end. This is a marathon and not a sprint.”

The students called themselves the Dream Defenders. They walked by day and slept in churches by night hoping to draw attention to the case.

“I’ve got cuts on my ankles from the boots that I was wearing I’m exhausted you know sweating and we haven’t had showers in three days,” said another student. “But I think people feel really good about it.”

On Monday, members of the Dream Defenders plan to stage a noon time rally outside of Sen. Marco Rubio’s office in Doral. The group wants Rubio to retract his support for the “Stand Your Ground’ law and realize it needs to be changed so it can no longer be used as a legal shield in preventable shootings.

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  • siweld46

    So now it’s “lets get Rubio”. Rubio is the only one who has made an intelligent ststement through this entire “Lynch Mob” foolishness.

    • GuidoFL

      The “evidence is in” the black lych mod want to put him in a pot and boil him.

      The race baiters have shown who the real bigots,racist, haters, themselves !

    • hideaway

      Race wars are coming courtesy of the grandchildren of the authors of the Black Panthers coloring book.Can u say US gov.?

  • Reverend Cathryn Paradise

    The only verdict that will be accepted by Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers is the lynching without trial of George Zimmerman. Justice will not be served in this case. Any potential jury pool has been throughly corrupted.

    • Pete838

      Justice was served in this case back in February

    • Ace

      What white man in his right mind would want to serve on this jury? He would be putting his life, as well as those of his family, on the line. The truth is, after all, not what this mob seeks — it seeks vengeance.

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  • Joe Drager

    Case over. Move on race-baiters.

    • Rusty

      I’m afraid noy, Joe. Read the article again. She is saying she doesn’t care what a panel of impartial citizens(grand jury) says about the evidence or facts of the case. She will proceed based oh her own feelings. Like Barry said, it’s a political witch hunt. They will ruin this guy no matter what the evidence – a la Richard Jewel.

      • Aaron Burr

        that’s incorrect. what she said is that she is not referring this to the grand jury, which would be appropriate in a capital (i.e., death penalty) case. pay attention; facts are important. she could still charge Zimmerman with anything from manslaughter to murder one, w/o death penalty allegation.

        there needs to be some calm injected into the community. Zimmerman will either be charged or not. at that point, public announcements can be made.

        this is not Selma, Alabama 1965.

      • Tom

        Oh, she said she would proceed based on “her own feelings”….WOW…did she say that in French…Because I didn’t hear her say that in English!!

      • Jersey Dave

        I’m with Tom, she did not say that. Not all cases require a Grand Jury at this stage. It doesn’t mean he will or will not be charged with a crime in itself. Everyone needs to cool their jets a bit and let it work.

      • Sam

        If they convene a grand jury and it goes Zimmerman’s way, the case is essentially over – much better to keep plugging away and finding concrete evidence, which, outside of the mob cries and media bias, frankly doesn’t seem to exist yet.

    • John Yaya

      I could not agree more! There is more to this case than is being reported.
      People should understand what “Stand your ground” means and act accordingly.
      THIS WAS NOT A RACIST ISSUE. So sorry Jesse and Al, all your hype was for nothing.

      • wiglafthegreat

        Stand your ground has nothing to do with this case based on either of the stories as to how events unfolded. If the “Stand your ground” statute did not exist, no prosecutor would attempt to say Zimmerman should have fled if the facts of the case are as he stated. He couldn’t flee.

      • Another 5 letter word for Fraud... OBAMA!

    • MIMI

      Case is just beginning. Zimmerman will be charged with manslaughter.

    • Bob

      Reverend Al, not a happy camper. No race baiting for you Al.

    • Terry Rohan

      I get the feeling, someone is trying to ignite a race war, someone in govt. Higher than muppet face. When this blows over, something will happen in Colorado, or NY.
      somehow, they, the powers that be, need our involvement in this chaos. Its not fee will, but leading us down the garden path is a force, even a 5 trillion dollar theft of our wealth can’t stimulate.

      • hideaway

        I’m hoping that peeps of all races are smart enough to realize who the real enemy is.

      • Dee

        Yes, it’s called “I need race card votes in Nov”. It is definitely coming from above.

  • Donzi


    • ZimmermanforPrez


  • jasperddbagghost

    Thug brought skittles to a gunfight.

    Lesson learned.

    • Bon

      That is just to good

    • NormB

      Al Sharpton said he brought “skillets.”

      All this time I’m thinking he held a potentially deadly weapon in his hands.

      He had candy?

      That’s different.

      Never mind.

  • NormB

    The family says the evidence is there. Yes. Evidence that Trayvon was a thug who was assaulting Mr. Zimmerman, beating him mercilessly, forcing Mr. Zimmerman to use an appropriate amount of force to stop the assault.

    • KDavidson

      Yeah, and the kid’s mother is so beside herself about her sons death that she’s thinking of trademarking her son’s name!

  • Barry

    It’s official Zimmerman is now the subject of a political witch hunt.

    • Skeptic

      Absolutely….as you can see the quote “..still investigating…”

      • Bubba

        No, I don’t see the quote “still investigating” you should read the article before commenting rather than just reading the Drudge headline.

      • Alfred Hussein Neuman

        “At this time, the investigation continues and there will be no further comment from this office.”

      • george

        Bubba, the article states that, “At this time, the investigation continues and there will be no further comment from this office.” So says State Attorney Angela Corey herself. As usual, there is nothing misleading about the “Drudge headline.”

      • george

        Bubba, the article states that, “At this time, the investigation continues and there will be no further comment from this office.” So says State Attorney Angela Corey herself. As usual, there is nothing misleading about the “Drudge headline.”

    • MTB

      No doubt. He may be “sacrificed” to appease the loudest minority group…

    • jawal

      This Trayvon nonsense has probably turned Florida into an almost certain loss for OBAMA in November.

      • Johnson Baker

        I hope you’re right, but there are so many silly whites around nowadays I wouldn’t be surprised if he not only took Florida, but was re-elected.

        It’s amazing that the MSM keeps promoting the idea that the stand your ground law is faulty when it did exactly as it was intended. The black perp was beating Zimmerman’s head against the concrete and beating him in the face. If that is no justice for lethal force, then there is none.

        In fact I seriously doubt if a conviction could be obtained in a fair trial even without a stand your ground law.

        Blacks are but 12.6% of the population yet commit 58% of ALL violent crime. (FBI Uniform Crime Report.)

      • wiglafthegreat

        Exactly. A stand your ground defense is not even applicable here.

      • Doug

        Actually I think the old “retreat to the wall” standard would apply if Zimmerman’s story is true. The phrase “stand your ground” comes from an Supreme Court case nearly 100 years ago.

      • Dace

        More stats to support your racism…moving on.

    • k

      Exactly. She knew she couldn’t get a grand jury indictment so she will charge without to acquiesce certain people.

      • Doug

        You can’t charge try anyone for a felony without an indictment. See 5th Amendment to US Constitution.

    • Jim

      no doubt, he chased a kid down, twice despite the police telling him not to, took a weapon to neighborhood watch against NW policy, then for what ever reason, shot a 17yr old because he had skittles and an iced tea. he would have been arrested in 99% of America the day it happened. maybe he would have been aquitted in the end, but he would have been arrested.

      • David

        Come on, man!!!!! At least inform yourself of some of the basic facts of this case before commenting so ignorantly! Please keep up with the facts if you are going to comment. Otherwise,we cannot take you seriously.

      • marcus Simpson

        When you go to the Jail in handcuffs….you have been arrested. He was released without any charges being filed.

        I suggest you get your facts straight.

      • Reality Check

        Please do not confuse them with facts.

        This has nothing to do with facts, and everything to do with starting a political race war to get Obama re-elected.

      • Real Reality

        David: You are the one that doesn’t know the facts. You need to stop watching the faux news station, and open your eyes.

      • Reality Check

        You, “Real Reality”, would not recognize a fact if it introduced itself to you.

      • linda

        Thank you Jim. I just don’t know where these other people are getting their information. He was in his car and got out of his car. If you do not feel safe, you will drive yourself away, to the nearest police station maybe. 911 tells you that you do not need to pursue and you continue to proceed. That is a PROBLEM!!!

      • Reality Check

        linda claims: “That is a PROBLEM!!!”

        The real problem here is people who suggest the Hispanic guy did not have every right to walk on the public sidewalks in his own neighborhood without being attacked.

        Those sidewalks were built so he could walk on them, not as hunting grounds for full grown young men to attack residents from behind and beat their heads against the sidewalk.

        How about you Linda, do you live in fear of walking on the public sidewalks near you house and believe everybody else should live their lives in fear as you do?

        The person who started the violence is responsible for the death – not the person who decided to walk on public sidewalks in his own neighbor hood.

        Nobody knows who actually started the violence at this point, except the people who were there.

      • F McAvoy

        We get our information from the police reports, eye-witness accounts, video evidence of Zimmerman’s injuries, audio evidence of Zimmerman calling for help while being beaten.

        You on the other hand appear to get your information from the likes of Al Sharpton and NBC news, who deliberately edited the audio of a 911 call to falsely make Zimmerman appear to be making racist comments.

        He got out of his car to verify the location of Martin to the 911 operator he was talking to. He was on his way back to it when he was (allegedly) attacked by Martin.

        Even if the 911 operator commanded him to stop following him under penalty of law it still does not equate to Zimmerman doing anything wrong.

        It was HIS neighborhood, HE was the watch, the neighborhood is private property and the cops have no business telling a watchman not to pursue a person whom he finds suspicious.

    • Sara Cofresi

      @Bubba: Sir, here is the quote from the statement released by Ms. Corey in the link from Drudge: “At this time, the investigation continues and there will be no further comment from this office.” So…I guess it is up to you to read more carefully.

  • Tyrone Johnson

    It’s nice to see the CBS Miani is still using the fake photoshopped photo of the gangsta

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  • MTB

    When does the first riot take place….? This will be spun to fire up the race-batiers…

    • John Yaya

      Riots that happen now won’t be anything like the ones in the past. Rioters will be shot and killed. Looters will be shot and killed. Store owners won’t be taking prisoners this time.
      Remember the signs in the windows during the last riots? You loot, we shoot!

      • Mark Matis

        Not just the store owners. Locals have had enough as well. “Law Enforcement” has known EXACTLY who was responsible for the Wanted poster solicitation Mr. Zimmerman’s kidnap or murder for SOME TIME NOW, and have done NOTHING to arrest those responsible because they are Preferred Species. There IS NO Rule of Law. There are only Thugs with Guns. Dead pigs are coming soon.

      • daveca

        You suppose that police will be attacked. Why? Who would do that? Motive?

        Do you think they are deliberately involved, or just involved in not taking action in re the poster.

        Any evidence of posters except rumour?

        I predicted Armed Citizens in the streets (they arent “neo Nazis,” they are American Citizens) partly because it was obvious. If Z (the neighborhood) had to resort to street patrols, then thats a fairly easy “call.”

      • Big Bear

        Mark Matis: This emasculated PC excuse of a government won’t protect us either. It will be everyone for themselves. I only hope that some of them venture out of their gated communities and Ivory Towers and get a taste of what’s coming.

      • Bill Gates


        I’m ready to waste blacks.

  • Jose Gomez

    The Hispanic gentleman was just defending himself. Why are “reverend” al, jesse jackson and Obuma trying to lynch that poor Hispanic guy???? Racism, that’s why.

    • Uncle Jesse

      Where the heck is La Raza to stand up for this latino/hispanic? Oh, it’s the b lacks time in the spotlight, I get it.

    • David

      Nah. It’s a lynching for sure, but their motivation is purely political. Obama knows that if has ANY chance at all in November he will need to fire up his base. 98% of African-Americans (or whatever the ridiculous percentage is) in your corner does you no good at all if you can’t get them to go vote. This entire episode is designed for only that purpose. A trial is necessary to get this to November. They don’t even care the outcome. Just get us a trial to keep the fire going until November. It is DISGUSTING that they would play with a man’s life like this.

    • lastword

      Newsflash for you. Zimmerman is a Jew. Hence the reason he was not charged. Our dual citizens can literally get away with murder now!

  • Lillith70

    Pretty sad if Zimmerman is not given full benefit of the law and is race hustled into court to keep the peace.

    • Iknowshizzle

      Pretty much the reason why OJ was set free. Don’t want more mobs.

  • Jeff

    I smell a rat.. We all know Zimmerman was attacked. I have to assume they don’t think they will get an indictment out of a grand jury..

  • cc

    Just give the thing a full public trial like the one already happening in the media.

  • Mark

    The protestors are demanding an arrest, not that justice be served. How about we all let the police and district attorney do their jobs and respect their dedication to justice. The truth will come out by their work, not by protesting.

    • David


      If the guy did something wrong the PROFESSIONALS will handle it. A black boy was just murdered AGAIN today in Chicago. Why are we not protesting that? The black community is in a lot of trouble. They are in a nosedive they seem unable to pull up from and all anyone hears from their self proclaimed leaders is that its everyone else’s fault.

  • Tasmanian_Devil

    One step closer to a race war.

    • Dave

      Where the minority becomes extinct. Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Big Bear

        I hope it leads to a fracturing of the country. The Intermountain West, the “flyovers”, Texas, and the Deep South don’t need to be ruled by Mullah Obama and his personality cult in unWashedington Diseased. They can have their territory, we can have ours.

    • aichtuttle

      Obama’s reelection tactic.

      • jeff


    • Dace

      Keep dreaming. Sanford doesn’t equal the whole US….

  • rob

    Wait a minute…. are you telling me that a demonstration is not changing the evidence in this case? Clearly Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have know more about this case than the investigators.

    • elizabethrc

      And they demand that Rubio change his support for the Florida law? Just who do these people think they are. They’d like the rest of us to jump on their use of racism at ever turn, warranted or not, just because they want it.
      Rational people are those who don’t get caught up in these hysterical demonstrators’ accusations and prefer to wait until the facts are in. Blacks damage their cause with each passing day because they are so consumed with hatred of whites that all they see is racism. We are tired of it and across the country, people are beginning to stop listening to any of it. They will become more stident but they’ll have no audience. Then what will they do? Violence? I hope not because there are so many more of us than there are of them.

      • jim

        oh i forgot, it is blacks that did the shooting? most states already had a self defense law in place. this law is stupid. you can shoot anyone and claim “you felt your life was in danger” despite any facts? this kid had some skittles and an iced tea. hardly deadly wepons. want to see the hatred? it is all wrapped up in this comment ” I hope not because there are so many more of us than there are of them.”

      • Rakes


        He beat a man’s head into the concrete, broke his nose, grabbed for his gun, and told him “you’re gonna die.” He was not shot because the neighborhood watch wanted some skittles and hated black people. Grow a couple neurons and stop taking the bait.

      • jenB

        Wow Jim, really, the stand your ground law says that a person can just shoot anyone if said person “felt his/her life was in danger?” Really, is that how the statute reads? Because if that is the case, you would think there would be tons of people just shooting all willy nilly and claiming they were in danger. How about your do yourself a favor and stop believing what Al Notso Sharpton tells you.

        Furthermore, you took a giant leap to think that Elizabeth was describing hatred in that statement. She basically said that if violence were to errupt, they are outnumbered. That isn’t HATE (grab a dictionary if you don’t believe me) that is FACT. They are out numbered. The census can confirm that for you. Last time I checked stating a fact does not equal hate. But I guess in the liberal fantasy land, anything equals hate.

      • Edward50

        So what about the 2 voice experts who analyzed the 911 tapes and said the person crying for help could NOT have been Zimmerman?..Seems to me that shooting someone (Martin) who is crying for help is not self defense.

      • Bobobob

        The experts also claim on their website that you cannot positively identify a yelling or short voice recording.

  • aichtuttle

    Mob rule over rational legal processes.

    • maurice yacowar

      A large armed man kills a much smaller unarmed boy after having been told not to follow the kid. Leave race out of it. Doesn’t that require at least an arrest and investigation? So far we have the immediate conclusion that a young unarmed kid was threatening the life of the larger armed man.How is that not suspicious?

      • Rakes

        Martin was tall and lean, Zimmerman is short and fat. Physically, Martin had the upper hand. If he didn’t have a broken nose and a large gash in the back of his head, Zimmerman would be behind bars. A 6’3″ 150 lb. football player should not be considered a kid. I doubt he would’ve punched Zimmerman to begin with if he had known he was armed. After he put a beating on the fatty, he noticed it tucked in his waistband and decided to get gangster. Why do you think they’ve consistently used a photo of Martin when he was 12 or manipulated the footage of Zimmerman’s injuries or doctored the 911 call to make him sound like he’s saying a racial slur. It’s all race baiting to get more viewers.

      • me

        A much smaller 6’3 football player? You seem to have made your own immediate conclusion. This incident IS being investigated, no it doesn’t require an arrest. Did you even read the article? No injuries on Martin but injuries on Zimmerman which points to Zimmerman’s statement he was hit once and knocked down before Martin got on top of him and was pounding his head into the concrete.

      • jenB

        Maurice, I don’t find it suspicious when I found out that the boy was a 6’3″ 17 year old. That same 17 year old, if he had actually beaten Zimmerman to death, would have been tried as an adult. No doubt about that. Secondly, the media has portrayed Martin as a young boy by showing his 12 year old picture. Martin was no longer a small boy. Lastly, the main reason I don’t find it suspicious….eye witnesses who confirm that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating him.

        Sharpton and the rest of the race baiters can run around screaming hate crime, but the evidence is not supporting that. Read comments now throughout the articles. Everyone originally thought this was some guy who randomly shot an unarmed 12 year old boy (from the pictures) and fully supported bringing Zimmerman to justice. Now as more FACTS come out, everyone is seeing that it isn’t want the good ole’ reverends say. At best, you have a guy who made a mistake by following a stranger in his neighborhood and got hiself in a situation he couldn’t get out of without shooting. Have you heard that NBC doctored the Zimmerman call to the police. That audio proves even more that it had nothing to do with race. The dispatcher interjected race into the conversation…NOT Zimmerman.

  • citizen KK

    of course not…it was a ruse all along….take that jackson and sharpton….losers…

  • Jerry Wright

    Okay, no problem. My friend like a son to me, Barry, said his underling, Eric will make sure this criminal is executed as an October surprise.

  • The Bruce

    Like the Duke Lacrosse case, the media will spin it accordingly:

    “The narrative was right, it’s just that the facts didn’t fit this particular case.”

    • Xerxes

      Yep, the old “fake but accurate” tactic the left loves to use. To wit:

      2004 – Rathergate
      2009 – Climategate
      2012 – Editgate

      Maybe someday they’ll realize that reality doesn’t bend to their wishes, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • tgeorgechi

        2012 – Obamagate

  • WILL

    The stand your ground law is not on trail here. The law is a good law. If zimmerman is tried in court it will be for the shooting of Martin and the stand your ground law will have nothing to do with this case. If they prove that Martin was the attacher and Zimmerman shot him in self defence.Will that may be a different story. We just don’t have all of the facts as of this date. Without all of the evidence pointing to a person they can’t and will not arest him. Trails cost a lot of money.

    • Mike

      dude, invest in a spell check

      • JL

        Spell check wouldn’t catch gross diction errors… trails is spelled correctly, but trials would fit better…

      • The Bruce

        Dude, invest in capital letters and a period.

      • george

        Thank you, The Bruce.

    • dave

      I agrre the Stand Your Ground law is a good one and should be left alone. I think it will be a waste of their time demonstrating in front of Sen. Rubio’s office, I think he’s a white- cuban?

      • wiglafthegreat

        Heck. The stand your ground law doesn’t even apply. Before the law, you’d have to demonstrate that you could not flee. Well, based on Zimmerman’s recounting of events. Assault and battery was being committed on his person and he was not even standing. No prosecutor would try to argue he should have fled. Fleeing doesn’t pass the reasonable person test here…or even the possibility test.

      • realitycheck

        You know there are black-Cubans?

      • jenB

        With the new hypenations I cannot tell what anyone’s race is anymore. We are not allowed to look at someone to tell race and now the media’s new race classifications have me all confused. If Zimmerman is a white-hispanic and Rubio is a white-cuban, wouldn’t Obama be a white-black? It couldn’t be black-white now could it? I mean Zimmerman wasn’t called a hispanic-white. What happens if you get someone who is black, hispanic and white? How do you determine which comes first? I have lots of unanswered questions about how I am supposed to represent myself. I am 100% white, so am I a white-white or am I a white-white-white-white because I am a white mutt of many nationalities?

        Love how the left changes means of words to further their agenda by confusing the heck out of the rest of us.

    • cjk

      You’re right on as far as that stand your ground law goes, but they can and probably will arrest him justice be damned. The costs of riot control, cleanup, reconstruction, Morgue fees, etc. far outweigh the cost of any Kangaroo Court.

    • Dave

      If Martin’s proven innocent the bl ack community will not accept it and riot anyway. They want an excuse, not a reason, so they’ll make one up.

  • melissa lipnutz

    This case should drive the final nail into the coffin that is the mainstream media…

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