Zimmerman Atty. Likens Media Coverage To O.J. Simpson Case

MIAMI (CBS4) – The lawyers for George Zimmerman told CBS This Morning their client has been convicted by the media for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Attorney Hal Uhrig said the shooting death has been presented by the media as a “rush to judgment story – I guess that started with Johnnie Cochran and the O.J. Simpson case. It’s certainly an example here. This case had momentum created by a lot of misinformation.”

CBS This Morning host Charlie Rose asked Uhrig what Zimmerman wished the public would knew about the events surrounding the shooting.

“The short version is that he didn’t commit any crime,” Uhrigh said. “He was where he was allowed to be, not committing a crime, confronted by someone else who started the violent confrontation physically. He was attacked, broke his nose, hit his head into the ground he defended himself. That’s not against the law.”

Uhrig said the Stand Your Ground law applied because Zimmerman feared for his life. Uhrig likened the injuries suffered by Zimmerman to those suffered by Shaken Baby Syndrome.

“When someone is pounding your head on the ground, and you’ve already had your nose broken, you could be in reasonable fear for great bodily harm – which is what the Florida statute calls for – and if you think you’re about to lose your life or be seriously injured like that, you’re absolutely entitled to take the necessary action to stop it,” Uhrig said.

“Are you saying that’s what Mr. Zimmerman said – he thought he was in fear of losing his life and so he shot Trayvon Martin?” asked Rose.

“I can confirm that without telling you any specific words, that’s exactly what he thought,” Urhig replied.


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