By Lisa Cilli

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The Miami Marlins unveiled an updated parking and transportation plan that adds 3,000 parking spaces for fans but it still won’t be enough.

Only 5,700 cars can park in the city-owned garages and lots that surround the new ballpark and most are already reserved for season-ticket holders and Marlins employees.

The 3,000 additional parking spaces announced Saturday are located in 14 off-site lots. Eleven are within one mile of the stadium, the rest are within two miles and will be provided with shuttle service.

Here are the new lots specified Saturday:

  • Kristi House Lot, 1355 NW 12th Ave.
  • Civic Center Jury Lot, 1255 NW 11th St.
  • Civic Center Lot 26, 1355 NW 12th St.
  • Mahi Shrine Parking,1480 NW North River Dr.
  • Highland Park Garage, 1801 NW 9th Ave.
  • Park Plaza East Garage, 901 NW 17th St.
  • RAD Property, 1001 NW 7th St.
  • Lyons Lot, 1250 NW 7th St.
  • Cardona Medical Center, 1390 NW 7th St.
  • Robert King High, 1401 NW 7th St.
  • Walgreens, 1699 NW 7th St.
  • St. John Bosco Church, 1358 NW 1th St.
  • Suntrust Bank, 100 NW 12th Ave.
  • Magic City Casino, 450 NW 37th Ave.

Fans who use these lots in the Miami Health District and near the Civic Center, located just north of the Dolphin Expressway on NW 12th Avenue can catch a free trolley to the ball park.

There are also 8,000 additional parking spaces within 5/8 of a mile at private residences. This is known as parking “Orange Bowl Style.”

Public transportation is also available such as bus service and Metrorail. There will be an express shuttle service from Metrorail’s Culmer Station to Marlins Park. The shuttle will run 90 minutes prior to the event start time and 60 minutes following the event.

The Marlins are also offering 600 bicycle parking stations on the ground level of each of the four on-site parking garages for those who want to bike their way to the ball game.

Marlins fans can visit for detailed information on Marlins Park public transportation and parking.

Sunday afternoon and Monday night, Marlins Park opens with exhibition games against the New York Yankees, followed by Opening Night on April 4th. Music and other pregame activities begin about 4 p.m. on the West Plaza. A pregame show produced by Emilio Estefan will start about an hour before the game.

The advice from the Marlins and Miami parking officials: Arrive early and have a plan.

For Opening Night against the Cardinals, guests are encouraged to arrive early as gates at Marlins Park open at 4:00 PM

There will be no payment accepted on day of game for the two Yankees exhibition games and Opening Night, only pre-paid parking is available for the on-site lots


Comments (8)
  1. whythemlord says:

    why don’t they say use public transportation or do not drive cause there’s no parking

  2. david says:

    yeah and they wonder why no one goes

  3. Jswann says:

    That’s more than enough parking. The marlins don’t have 3000 fans.

  4. maxmaxwell says:

    ah yes, the orange bowl revisited, build it and no one will park there. imagine that, for the love of humanity, planning at its best!!! Hey can I get one of those machinitas gambling machines the mayor of miami is so fond of????

  5. RANDRAND says:

    Judging from what is going on in the state and the community lately—unemployment, lack of fans, and a need for maybe 3,000 UNEMPLOYED SECURITY GUARDS TO PROTECT THE VENUE—“MIGHT BE A MAJOR PRIORITY PROTOCOL”—YA THINK???????????!

  6. green2balls says:

    Right now it is new,and baseball fans and not fans want to see it I give it 2 year then turn into a white elephant Baseball is ok….But. Miami is a Football town. this stadium should have been done in the old Miami Baseball stadium sight left the Orange Bowl alone with it history and plenty of them. It looks like a giant crab in a Japans movie so out of place in that part of Miami.

  7. cpchester says:

    There is no parking problem. There is a mass transit problem, End of story.

  8. Not a fan says:

    Sure, lets drive there, park two miles away and catch a bus.Yea right.

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