MIAMI (CBSMiami/CBS News) –The man who shot and killed Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin is now being described as a “Jekyll and Hyde” by one of George Zimmerman’s former co-workers.

The New York Daily News reported Friday that Zimmerman was fired in 2005 from his job as a party security guard for being too aggressive, quoting a former anonymous co-worker as saying that “usually he was just a cool guy … But it was like Jekyll and Hyde. When the dude snapped, he snapped.”

The former co-worker also told the newspaper that Zimmerman “loved being in charge… loved the power” and could become violent.

As the negative reports start to mount, Zimmerman’s family has come to his defense.

Robert Zimmerman, Jr. stuck up for his brother to CNN’s Piers Morgan Thursday night.

“He prevented his firearm from being taken from him and used against him, and that’s called saving your life,” he said.

Zimmerman said his brother shot Martin purely in self-defense, after the teenager attacked him last month.

“You return force with force and when someone assaults you,” he said. “George was out of breath. He was barely conscious. The last thing that he remembers doing is moving his head from the concrete to the grass, so that if he was banged one more time, he wouldn’t be wearing diapers for the rest of his life and being spoon-fed by his brother.”

But critics, including Martin’s parents, say recently released police surveillance video is proof Zimmerman’s a liar. Seen on the tape, Zimmerman had no obvious cuts, scrapes, blood or bandages.

Zimmerman told police he shot Trayvon after the teen attacked him and his attorney has said Zimmerman’s nose was broken in the fight and the back of his head was gashed.

Zimmerman Jr., Thursday night said his brother still had a broken nose. “His nose, I don’t know about his head. I mean his nose is still healing. It’s not healed.”

Officials haven’t released any paramedic or hospital records on the gunman.

Martin was buried in Miami. Richard Kurtz, the funeral director who prepared his body told CBS4 News, “We could see no physical signs like there had been a scuffle for fight.”

Kurtz said Martin’s chest had a gunshot wound, but his body had no other injuries. No marks on his hands from all the punches Zimmerman claimed had battered him.

A special prosecutor’s now reviewing all the evidence, to decide whether Zimmerman can legitimately claim he killed to save his own life.

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  1. Yenely says:

    Look at the back of his head in the video. There is a clear gash.

    Listen to the witness describe it. He heard Zimmerman getting whooped and saw him down on the ground.

    No body wants Treyvon dead, but there is no doubt that Zimmerman was being beat down.

    The media does not like Latinos. That is the real prejudice here.

    1. Annie says:

      You are abolutely right

    2. whythemlord says:

      how do you know that were you at the scene of the crime?

    3. observerfromupnorth says:

      Very interesting.

    4. Isaac says:

      The media isn’t too thrilled with Whites either, even though it is filled with White liberals. Sickening.

    5. texasgreenacres says:

      (1) he left his vehicle (2) he followed after being told not to(3) he had a loaded fire arm on neighbor hood watch duty which was against the rules(4) his actions make him the stalker also the aggressor(5) the attack from the kid was his trying to stand his ground against some body that was stalking him.(6) you can’t claim self defence when you are the instigator.

  2. havana harry says:

    Kurtz of course is black. Right? Where is his funeral home? Liberty City?

  3. José says:

    i am very sad how the media and the protesters are so racist

    that is honestly just as bad as Trayvon’s death

    1. observerfromupnorth says:

      That is about the only true statement in this whole case so far. I agree Jose.

  4. bob says:

    have have a feeling this anonymous former coworker from 2001-2005 is made up.. He conveniently uses a key words that give a negative mental image.. They even put these in bold print.. Jekyll and Hyde.. Snapped.. he liked the “power.” “Being in charge.” Aggressive. etc.. all these descriptive words seem TOO perfect! makes me suspicious..Not to mention that this time frame that they worked together was 7 to 11 years ago.. It took them 4 years to figure out that the 18 year old they hired to be a security guard wasn’t working out?? Most likely not a lot of records available to prove an “anonymous” source actually worked with him.. If they didn’t invent this co-worker, he could be a “plant” by the other side.. with a script of words to use written out for him…

    1. Magnum says:

      A similar suspicion came to mind as I read the article.The media will continue to paint Martin as the picture of piety, and do all possible to demonize Zimmerman. Otherwise they have no story. It would become just urban shooting involving young ma.les

    2. tiredofallracistminds says:

      What people dont realize is that if someone approaches you with a gun or thinks that they can tell you what you can or cannot do, if they don’t have a badge, wouldnt you try to defend yourself???? Really??? Martin was scared for his life and wanted this man away from him. Zimmerman became scared because Martin whooped his butt and was goning to run for his life, Zimmerman shot him, out of fear. It was an accident that should have never happened. Zimmerman should not have followed Martin for any reason. The neighborhood watch should only be watching out. Whether Zimmerman gets arrested of not, his life is over anywhy…

  5. Daimen Bokk says:

    I think that there should be pictures of Zimmerman’s broken nose. If he does not take them, or the police do not take them soon, the alleged broken nose black eyes will have healed and there will be no proof that there is a broken nose. I honesty believe Zimmerman is hiding so that no one finds out that there are no injuries, if he does not show proof of injuries before they heal now, I hope the jury decides that since they don’t have proof of the injuries that they never happened.

    1. observerfromupnorth says:


    2. UpNorth says:

      Or, maybe Zimmerman is hiding because the NBPP offered a bounty on him, Dead or Alive? And, you might want to do a study on “burden of proof” in a jury trial.

  6. Steven Miller says:

    Daimen Bokk said, “I honesty believe Zimmerman is hiding so that no one finds out that there are no injuries”

    I am sure the $10,000 dead or alive bounty put on his head by the Black Panthers has nothing to do with it. There is a 4-5″ laceration clearly visable on the back of his scalp in grainy police surveylance videos and the police report said his nose and the back of his head was bleeding. He was treated by medics on scene and also by a doctor the next morning which is when it was determined that his nose was broken.

    I am sorry to disappoint you, but this will never go to any jury other than the Grand Jury which is convening to make a recommendation to the special prosecutor. Even that is all show, because this is a clear cut cases of self – defense.

  7. MadBag says:

    Treated and released at the scene by EMTs. If there isn’t medical evidence, someone is going to be VERY embarrassed at the Grand Jury and/or trial.

  8. b says:

    Sorry, but I have punched a head or two with my fists and they never end up with marks on them. Just because St Trey’s hands had no marks means NOTHING.

  9. todd says:

    all the BS accusations aside, why can’t Zimmerman take a liar detector test which would clearly prove his innocence? Why is that there has been no medical records produced to show his claims? it don’t take a rocket scientist or a month to determine that? if he clearly shot him in self defense, then why have the police not been able to competent detail the entry of the bullet wound which would confirm that? doesn’t take a month to figure that out. Unfortunately this became racist when Zimmerman was identified as Latino which is a convenient excuse for him to hide like he is illegal than it is for him to stand up like a man and provide details. the police have released him so surely they would stand by him. so why when a man believes he is clearly innocent does he have to hide behind all these people when he could defend himself. you know what would solve that? a jury trial amongst his peers would answer all the questions above but would not answer or justify the fact that he was a neighborhood watch wanna be cop packin which feels like he is looking for action in a clear suburban community. How would you act if you were being followed. remember trayvon even if you believe zimmerman had only his hands to defend himself and had no knowledge of zimmerman having a gun and he clearly got out of his car from the 911 tape so once again looking for a fight so at worst, his leaving his car is in violation of self defense claim and is clear manslaughter by the letter of the law. so if he truly believes he is Innocent and has all the support he believes he has then why not step up in a court and let a jury decide?

    1. MadBag says:

      An attorney friend told me many years ago to never, I repeat, NEVER say anything more than identifying yourself to the police without either an attorney or several non-LEO witnesses. The problem is that, like the Miranda warning says, anything can be used against you and there is no guarantee that what you say will be used in your defense. You are correct in that “…a jury trial amongst his peers would answer all the questions…” but then they should only be receiving the facts, not hearsay and unsubstantiated gossip. Is it difficult to remember the child abuse trials of the ’90s? How about the Duke lacrosse episode? Tawana Brawley? A lot of claims on both sides of the story have already been proven to be contradictory. Both sides deserve the right to have their positions examined, discussed and fault, if any for either individual, determined by a non-prejudical body. But, alas, that wouldn’t allow for this to become a circus rather than a judical evaluation. And, there really is a reason lie detector exams are not admissible as judical evidence. While they may provide the “truth” in most cases, there are many reasons for (and cases of) the results being proven wrong by physical evidence and eyewitnesses. Also, please remember that the order of a felony case is: the crime, the investigation, either Grand Jury indictment or arrest, then the arrest or Grand Jury indictment, discovery and then trial. Not aware of the accused being in control of any but the first.

  10. Dirk Bullman says:

    No state law allows a citizen to follow, accost and shoot someone, then claim self-defense. And if the persons/neighborhoods were reversed, how many of you would believe that Trayvon was a “Neighborhood Watch” person?

    That’s what I thought.

    1. Alvin Hall says:

      Hey Dirk weren’t you at the fantasy party the other night where everyone was dressed like babies and filling their pants with adult smashes?

  11. Dirk Bullman says:

    If my comment is going to be deleted again, please delete the Alvin Hall post preceding it also. Regardless of the selection criteria you’re using, I think that post needs to go. It’s the only comment posted to this article that has nothing to do with the story.

    1. ADMIN says:

      Anyone can vote to have a comment removed simply by reporting it. If three people report it the comment is automatically sent to moderation. Many comments removed are due to complaints, not admin action.

  12. MICHAEL says:

    I lost all faith on this news station, they keep censoring comments, what a joke of news” site,

  13. Dirk Bullman says:

    But I’ve had 3 comments deleted before they were even posted. There were innocuous words, no bad language and were removed before anyone even saw them. Who made that call?

  14. texasgreenacres says:

    if he had a broke nose the front of him would have been covered in blood.Did they do his laundry before they brought him to the police station?I didn’t see any blood evidence on him front or back.not even a band aid on his head?and there was emt’s on the scene? surely they would have cleaned and bandaged. also with a broke nose the nostrils should have been packed with gause and he would have had to breath with his mouth.

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