Tebow To Dolphins Next?

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Now that the Miami Dolphins have moved on from Peyton Manning and lost out on free agent quarterback Matt Flynn, there’s another name that continues to percolate just below the surface who could be a major draw for Miami.

Tim Tebow.

For the Dolphins to acquire Tebow, the Denver Broncos first had to acquire Peyton Manning.

Now that Manning has chosen to negotiate a new contract and play for the Broncos, Tebow is now available and the Fins need a draw like Tebowmania, regardless of the play on the field.

As profootballtalk.com wrote Friday morning, if the Fins lost out on both Manning and Flynn, “the only way owner Stephen Ross can make a big splash in the short term would be to put his trust in Tebow.”

The only problem is Tebow has proven time and time again in the NFL that he has trouble throwing the football with precision and/or timing. New Fins head coach Joe Philbin’s West Coast offense depends on both precise and perfectly timed throws, neither of which Tebow can do on a consistent basis.

For example, in 2011, Tebow completed just 46.5 percent of his passes, which was the worst amongst all NFL starting quarterbacks. The next worse was St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford.

There’s also a problem with Tebow’s salary going forward.

According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, Tebow is owed $1.1 million in base salary in 2012. That number is extremely manageable for the Dolphins, who are up against the salary cap.

But in 2013, Tebow’s base salary jumps to $5.48 million and in 2013 it rises all the way to $7.145 million.

That means in order to get traded, a new team would likely have to restructure Tebow’s contract, which Tebow would have to agree to as well.

The one thing Tebow could do for the Dolphins is sell season tickets. Being a former Florida Gator, who is still beloved like no other college player in Gator history, would go a long way towards putting more Gator fans into the stands for Dolphins games.

Still, it could backfire on the Fins because Miami Hurricanes fans may not be as willing to support Tebow as Gators fans, and in South Florida there are far more Canes fans than Gators fans.

The Dolphins do have the firepower to acquire Manning if they choose. The Fins picked up two extra third-round picks last week in the trade for Brandon Marshall.

If the Dolphins hold fast and don’t trade for Tebow, he may still be available.

According to ESPN.com’s Chris Mortensen, the Broncos will either trade Tebow or release him. Letting that information out may not have been in the Broncos plans, because it kills any potential trade market for Tebow.

Acquiring Tebow wouldn’t necessarily be about football, it would be about business.

It could sacrifice long-term development for short-term financial success for the Fins. While Tebow did lead the Broncos to the playoffs last year, it’s going to be difficult to run an offense he can succeed in long-term in the NFL.

Remember though, Fins owner Stephen Ross is all about celebrities and not necessarily what’s best for the Dolphins franchise. Acquiring a player with Tebow’s celebrity may be the only splash he can make if both Flynn and Manning turn the Fins down.

Now that Miami has missed on Manning and Flynn, the debate will turn to Tebow and the business-side of the Dolphins may win out over the football side.

  • ellie lightt

    Tebow mania bout right

    • Chris

      Tebow my libido with this story and comments. I go limp every time I have to read the same rhetoric over and over again.

    • Chief

      I WAS a bronco and ELWAY fan now Im with TEBOW wherever he go’s

      • PoliceStateExposed

        Who cares. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

      • Bill Duke

        Tebow is going into the dust bin of history.

      • William

        I feel the same. I have been a Bronco fan for over thirty years..I will follow Tebow and wish him success I knw he will have.

      • Paulmatthew22

        Same here,.Goodbye Dolphins!!,.After 35 years Im done,.Go Jets!

      • Paulmatthew22

        Same here bud,.I was a Dolphin fan for 35 years,.Im done with ineptitude,.Thank God for the Broncos who made the last half of the last yr intriguing football,.Go Jets!


      I’m a Steelers fan and always have been, but Tebow did beat the Steelers. I remember another former NFL quarterback who was praised for his incredible arm strength, but criticized for his inabiity to read coverage and his lack of accuracy – especially in his younger years. The media occasionally referred to his as “Lil Abner”, but we know him as Terry Bradshaw and he won four Super Bowls while calling his own plays. As noted above, Tebow had basically no pre-season and his mechanics are sometimes suspect, but he’s shown that he can win, despite a team with a pretty anemic defense. I’m with the folks who think Tebow’s surge in popularity threatened Elway’s legacy and “legendary” status with the Broncos. I like Peyton Manning, but, because he appears to suffer from the same ailment as his older brother Cooper, I fear that he has less than a year left in the league – to his and the Bronco’s long-term detriment, but maintaining Elway’s legacy…

    • Joanne

      There are NOT more Canes fans in Miami than Gator fans. The Canes have no real fans and never have had. The article did not fact check his unwarranted and unsupported assertion. Apparently the journalist is not a Florida resident as he would have known this.

      • daniel

        You are totally wrong. There are more Canes fans in Miami. U should check your facts. There are no doubt a lot of Gator fans, but they are outnumbered in Dade and Broward County by Hurricanes fans.

    • mrb

      Tebow needs to go to a team without the ego of John Elway who only won the big games in his last couple of years as a player. Tebow will never live up to Elway’s ego. A different team will be better for him.

    • Bob A

      Tebow is a better QB than Alex Smith. Plus Smith is a nobody and Tebow is worshipped in Gator Countrry. I think Tebow will improve every season. After all he has not gotten one full season under his belt yet.

    • MB

      Peyton 3:19

    • Keith Cooper

      I think Tebow will go to Miami but then will be traded to Carolina for Cam newton. This is the trade that makes the most sense.

    • yoshiknows

      Tebow is a very smart choice – he will immediately bring excitement to the team. He can play the final 20 yards – there is no player that smells an end zone like him. Fins fans don’t want another mediocre year waiting for some draftee to develop (or not develop) – Moore is not bad and with Tebow to help, this will be a great year for the fins. Come on Ross, do something right. Tebow has a winning attitude and I know he is a better QB now than he was a year ago.

      • Mike

        Better than last year? Maybe.

        Good? No. He can “smell the end zone” all day, he’s an inaccurate that’d be working under a West Coast offense coach.

        They’ll sell a bunch of jerseys and lose a bunch of games. It’ll set the franchise even further from contention than they are now.


        PEYTON MANNING USED to be a “god” but he’s now a 36 year old, rusty coot controlled by his ego. He may hae a few good games in him…but ask yourself…why did the team who knows him best pass over him for a mere $28 M?? Elway has been so jealous of TEBOW that his skin turned green. TIM can hit the pass, and he can run the ball and he can make 10 yards look like inches. He can lead. He is great to watch. HE loves football. I hope he gets the hell out of Denver!! Comes back to FLORIDA where we love competitors who have hearts and not hasbeens who will sit and slap each other on the back. I’ll pull for a MANNING (ELI) but never PEYTON…and the BRONCOS? I’ll only watch if TEBOW has made a good deal with them, otherwise why bother? This was a sad day for football.

      • Horsense

        Belickick will cherry pick him, he’s a big fan, visited Gainesville, took Tim to Lunch, and thinks way outside of the box. Heck he an Gonzales were a fearsome duo in college.

      • MB

        Tebow might change his eye-black to Peyton 3:19.

      • matken

        Peyton Manning is a God.

  • Ryan D.

    Flynn has already signed with Seattle. Check your facts.

  • Jack

    After 40 years as a Bronco’s fan, I am looking also looking for a new team. Like Tim Tebow, Clinton Portis, Eddie Royal, et al. Every decent player is traded. Time to trade Bolen and Elway.

    • Bob

      Right behind you, Jack. As a 30 year Bronco fan and former Elway fan, it’s unreal how they are destroying the team for what could possibly be a very short term goal. They don’t have the defense to support Manning, and have lost out on a lot of free agents with their myopic view on Manning. Their treatment of quarterbacks (Plummer, Cutler, now Tebow) is terrible. Throwing out all my Broncos gear. Always did like the Dolphins since I was also a Marino fan. May have to switch to them.

      • Mike

        @antibronco: If you think you made the playoffs because of Tebow, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

      • AntiBronco


        Don’t let facts get in your way. Every time there was a loss, Tebow would be front and center saying he was at fault, and didn’t get the ball to the guys. How long had it been since the Broncos made the playoffs again? Hmmm Dolphins – wonder when they’ll make the playoffs next?

      • Charlie Beymer

        I am a Dolphins fan & I do not want Tebow. I want a real QB & Tebow will never get any better. He cannot read a defense & his mechanics will never get any better. He is what he is & that is not an NFL QB. I feel sorry for any team that gets him. When his team does win, it is all because of him & when his team loses it is because of bad coaching or poor play by the other players.

      • postofficemike

        Hope they don’t play the Ain’t Saints! We know what they try to do to star players!

      • Lioness

        Jack & Bob–I concur!! Well, I’m NOT the only one feeling the same way then. Was being dismissed as “emotional”, (probably cuz I’m a chick, too, it didn’t have as much cred), but this under the bus throwing is cheap and sleazy. Not what I’d have expected from the Broncos…til now. Even earlier today also called myself a FORMER Elway fan.
        He’s a bit too full of himself it seems.Wouldn’t trust my back turned to him. Respect for him LOST!
        Stupid, STUPID move!~ BIG $9 mill gamble, I personally think will –in the not so distant future—bite them in their collective orange and blue behinds!
        I’m a Tebow fan, THEN maybe a Broncos fan. And I’ve been a Broncs fan for a LONG time.
        Still hope to snag a Tebow Broncos jersey/shirt. Wonder if they’ll be worth more or less now.

      • Jim

        @Jack and@ Bob and most Tebow fans .”Their treatment of QB ” I dont see Orton and Quinn on that list.The fans got Tebow traded not Tebow’s play.

        (Tebow fans) will never let Manning do his job without calling for Tim to be the starter.

    • AntiBronco

      No doubt! Plus – how many years does Manning have left? One? Five? or One-Half? Sounds like just the type of trade Elway wants – he feels threatened by Tebow – I really believe he does. He puts a guy out on the field who had no off-season, and yet still takes them to the play-offs, but Elway started dropping hints that “unless he wins” (against the Steelers) we’re gonna have to bench him. So he wins, and Elways STILL replaces him ASAP.

      I’ve rooted against the broncos for decades – came close to being able to root for them a couple of years, but there was always two or three players who blew it for me. For the first time in my life, I could finally root for the Broncos in the 2011 season. If Manning comes and Tebow goes, I’ll go back to watching every game just to root against them again.

      • Danimal50

        I’m right with you AntiBronco! Elway is the “Jerk of Denver”. Insecurity is his middle name. Teabow is to good for the Broco’s. He’s a class act. They all want to say he can’t this, and he cant that…but at the end of the day the boy puts it in their face! I was slow to like Teabow, but once i did, i will never not support him. He amazes me with the selfless acts he does while no one is watching. He is the best sports role model i have scene in a long long time. He wins, and none of the establishment likes it, its not their way, its his way! Well i say right on, and stick it to them forever Mr Teabow!

      • Bill Duke

        Tebow was 1-3 in his final regular season games and 2-4 when you add in the post season Take off Timmy’s halo and you’ll see that record got Orton traded. Tebow is a below average QB.

    • rich

      The Broncos just bought an invalid. 4 surgeries in 18 months. Some 4.5 sec. lineback, almost half his age, will break his neck.

      • Austin Ed

        That LB’s name is Tamba Hali

      • lisaq

        You said it – Manning should’ve just retired and gone out on top. Now, he’s likely just going to wind up paralyzed when some linebacker snaps his neck.

      • Darrell

        Amazing that someone would use a derogatory comment about Tebow when he has been the most upfront on his losses and weaknesses, and the first to sing the praise of every other person on the team when they win. He is a stand up guy, without the hate, you could learn something. I wish Manning well but I agree that I don’t think he will last very long. They could have built on their defense with the 20 million a year they are giving him.

      • Horsense

        Its almost a certainty, he’s made enemies on the field, there are bounty scandals being exposed, and he’s over the hill. Elway this week just wrote his epitaph. I see it as the mile high slack-jaw club.

      • Bill Duke

        But he can read a defense and complete a pass and little Timmy Teblow can do neither one of those.

      • Phoenix

        hehe yeah if the Broncs play the Steelers , im sure Harrison will hit Peyton the same way he hit Colt McCoy last year and poor Peyton will be out of business.

    • greeper

      I’m with Jack on this one very frustrating

  • jgmurph

    T E B O W —

    • Randy Bobandy

      L O S E R –

  • Not Chicken Little

    This will be known as The Disaster in Denver – they’ll be lucky to get a whole year out of Manning, and I’ll predict they’ll have a worse season than with Tebow, and destroy the morale of the team.

    Contrary to the article, I think Tebow is the choice for the long run, for any team that takes him. The short run is Denver picking Manning.

  • the dude

    if there is a god he wont let tebow come to the dolphins.

    • tim

      amen brotha

  • jim


  • squidvetohio

    He has proven time and time again he can’t throw…..

    No, all he does is WIN WIN WIN!

    • Steve the stud

      He threw pretty well against the Steelers.

      • krp

        The Bills and the Patriots had him figuring out.. Bill Belichek would be chomping at the bit to be able to face Tebow twice a year …..

  • Kenny B

    Stay classy, Linda. Stay classy….

  • Mark Matis

    If Tebow was black, every sportswriter in this country would be praising him.

    • Mookie

      Wow!!! Really? That’s because black QB’s get special treatment I guess? McNabb was damn near run out of Philly after keeping them in the hunt every year. Cam came into the NFL with a tarnished college record. Terrelle Pryor came into the NFL with a tarnised record. Jordan Jefferson is labeled a “thug” after a bar fight. I’m sure by the time RGIII gets to Washington “something” will be uncovered. Michael Vick….I better not.

    • Bob

      You have that right. But since he is a white Christian, he is the root of all evil in their opinion.

      • Mike

        Well, that and the whole “weak, inaccurate arm” thing.

        But yeah, it’s totally a religious/racist thing.

      • doug

        Uh, Manning is a white Christian.

    • Pragmatik wisdom

      Can you say Donovan McNabb?

      • Mike

        LOL please don’t tell me you’re trying to compare McNabb’s arm to Tebow’s. Have you ever watched football?

  • Amazed

    Uh… Tebow had a 7-4 record with a playoff win over the Steelers. Seems this writer was out of the country a good bit last year. Shame that so many writers have the bandwagon mentality. What was Cam Newton’s record? 6-10. And he is supposed to be the “it” guy?

  • TransitDave

    Tebow, come on down to Old Miami town……….

  • tim

    go kneel somewhere else
    oh – and take ireland with you

  • Richard

    you’re obviously biased against Tebow. What about that touch down pass in the first ten seconds of overtime against the Steelers wasn’t it? Tebow’s running, the receiver is running and Tebow nailed it. Forty some yards I believe.

    • Mike

      So he made one great pass, and that negates him being near-historically bad for most of the season?

      • jekyllisland

        One more than you

      • Danimal50

        Mike, you have no idea of how much that one pass meant to people in Denver. It was a freaking miracle, and it happened and you can throw all the little tantrum’s you want, but Teabow is the man and you sir,well you have been found….. “wanting”…..LMFAO

      • teaj

        bitter much?…

  • Big Head Manning

    I hope Manning becomes the new spokesman for Hover Round.

  • Come on down Timmy!!!

    Where does the local media always get this notion that there are “far more Canes fans than Gators fans” in South Florida?? I would bet that there are 2-3 times the numbers of Gators to Canes anyday. Why is it that Miami can’t sell half its tickets to most home games but Gators will travel pretty much anywhere to support their school? The recent Gator/Canes baseball series was a great example. two to one Gators, on their home field! The Holiday Basketball Classic, this time more like four to one Gators! Miami has always had a good amount (for them) of actual fans here, but the vast majority of their South Florida “fans” are just the big mouth poseurs who have never stepped on campus or attended a game.

    • MiamiGator

      I would totally agree with the above statement about there are more Gator fans than Cane fans in South Florida, but I would definately disagree with bringing Timmy down here, but the Dolphins are just dumb enough to do it

    • Come on down Timmy???

      Probably true, but that’s precisely the problem…..South Florida fans are all bandwagon jumpers and what kind of a bandwagon can you jump on when the Dolphins are 1-7 midway through the season with Tebow.

    • Hoss Chisum

      Good point ! UM is also a PRIVATE elitist school with a smaller enrollment than even Notre Dame. I (UF – ’78) live in the Upper Keys and its about 50-50, even here ! Bummed that JAX signed Henne and the Fin’s Garrard for a year as that leaves Tim no choice but to go out of state. This alone will cost JAX or Miami about 10,00 usually empty upper level seats, TV blackouts of home games, and luxury boxes full of corp-types.

  • Joseph

    This has to be a plant. No Christian would call someone a profane name and then say God has plans for anyone.

  • Will

    Let’s see…..Tebow won over 2/3rds of his reguar season games last year as well as a playoff game. If Manning can’t match this production, I predict that both he and that schmuck Elway will be run out of town on a rail :-)

  • Dasha

    A careful warning to Mr. Tebow, the management of the Dolphins seems devoid of character or wisdom and the fans are fickle , neither the fans or the owners have faith or patience to develop a team or players to their full potential. It’s the bragging rights of being a team or player that wins, not the ones that play with heart. Between the Marlins sour deal for Miami tax payers and the personnel shifts of the Dolphins, there are too few “sports” in these games for a bright future for a believer of anything.

  • GozieBoy

    Tim, why all the references to “fins”? Dolphins are much more than “fins”. For example, why not call them the “bottle noses”, or better yet, the “blowholes”? In Houston we call them “grilled Mahi Mahi smothered in crab meat and garlic butter”. Mmmmmmm…

    • Gander

      Hey GozieBoy, wrong kinda Dolphin. Mahi Mahi is from the Dorado or Dolphin fish.
      Not the mammalian Dolphin. Please don’t embarrass the rest of us Houstonians
      that way.

      • Hoss Chisum

        We get those first graders down here all the time and set them up by putting Blackened Blow-Hole sammies and Snout-Strip baskets on the menu just to see how dumb they really are… Beside, Dolphin is a trash fish. Fast growing table food. Who the heck would waste crab meat on it ? Houstonians ? :) I use to live in Humble and Kingwood and remember that REAL Houstonians eat grilled red snapper smothered in a crawfish red sauce. Now that is good !

  • Cyraneau

    It is truly amazing; Tim Tebow produces and the “experts” refuse to give him any respect. But it doesn’t matter; Tim Tebow trusts in Our Lord Jesus. That is all that matters. The Lord will continue to use him to demonstate what a Godly man looks like and to confound the “wise men” who make their livings being cynical.

    • Mike

      Some of us trust what we see, and that’s a pretty decent running back trying to be a bad QB. Not sure what Jesus has to do with it.

  • kbuzz

    Tebow may not have the greatest Arm, but he is getting better. And what about that offensive line… sure didn’t see them buying him the time that Elway & Manning get. When he sets & shoots, he is right up there, but when you have to scramble to stay alive, he gets you the yards. Give him a line, and Denver would be going places.

    • LC

      You don’t know football. Any offensive line issues are nearly 100% related to Tebow’s inability to make pre-snap reads and get rid of the ball quickly. He has to scramble because he can’t see the field well enough to know where to throw the ball.

  • Wedge

    When a friend suggests he limit the length of one jump because, “Concessions do a lot better when you make your jump,” an annoyed Evel Knievel throws down the gauntlet: “Did we come here to sell nachos or open a can of whup-ass?”

    If Stephen Ross brings in Tebow, he is clearly saying he would rather sell nachos. As a lifelong Dolphins fan, I am one Tim Tebow away from turning in my Dolphins lifetiime membership card. I am finally fed up with the poor front office decision-making and absolute inability to do a franchise-resurrecting deal. If Tebow goes to Miami, I swear I will be wearing a Steelers jersey next year. Stephen, the coice is yours.

    ***I have nothing against Tim Tebow. I think he is great for the game and a fine human being. Let’s face it though, he won’t resurrect the Dolphins.*****

  • Tuffy

    I wish Dallas would trade out Romo for Tebow. They could use some of Tebow’s good graces. Miami would be lucky to have such a talented, class act, stadium filler.

    • Gail Stout


    • Zan

      Dallasl has no hope until Jerry Jones goes! The Boys haven’t done well since he fired Jimmy Johnson. He wants to coach so bad he won’t leave well enough alone and just be the owner. I wouldn’t wish Tebow on any of that mess.

      • Tuffy

        I grew up with the Cowboys and I’m sad to see a bit of a “golden boys” entitlement mentality lately, that it’ a ‘given they’re Americas team and don’t have to earn they’re greatness anymore. Tebow would bring a bit of that “underdog” magic back to a team who’s britches have gotten too big. Wherever Tebow goes, I hope he is given the attention and coaching he deserves. He showed more heart last season than the whole Dallas team combined. Yawwwwwwn

  • Steven

    Interesting to see the dynamics of how management works (Or doesnt). Tebow put Denver back in a great fan base. Now these fans are cut off at the knees. Good case study for tone deafness.

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