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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Now that the Miami Dolphins have moved on from Peyton Manning, the team is focused on free agent quarterback Matt Flynn. But, if Flynn chooses Seattle instead of Miami, there’s another name that continues to percolate just below the surface who could be a major draw for Miami.

Tim Tebow.

For the Dolphins to acquire Tebow, the Denver Broncos would first have to sign Peyton Manning. Peyton is working out for the Broncos Friday and will meet with team owner Pat Bowlen.

If Peyton signs in Denver, Tebow will be on his way out in short order, according to

As wrote Friday morning, if the Fins lose out on both Manning and Flynn, “the only way owner Stephen Ross can make a big splash in the short term would be to put his trust in Tebow.”

The only problem is Tebow has proven time and time again in the NFL that he can’t throw the football with precision or timing. New Fins head coach Joe Philbin’s West Coast offense depends on both precise and perfectly timed throws, neither of which Tebow can do on a consistent basis.

The one thing Tebow could do for the Dolphins is sell season tickets. Being a former Florida Gator, who is still beloved like no other college player in Gator history, would go a long way towards putting more Gator fans into the stands for Dolphins games.

Acquiring Tebow wouldn’t necessarily be about football, it would be about business.

It could sacrifice long-term development for short-term financial success for the Fins. While Tebow did lead the Broncos to the playoffs last year, it’s going to be difficult to run an offense he can succeed in long-term in the NFL.

Remember though, Fins owner Stephen Ross is all about celebrities and not necessarily what’s best for the Dolphins franchise. Acquiring a player with Tebow’s celebrity may be the only splash he can make if both Flynn and Manning turn the Fins down.

If the Fins end up signing Flynn, no one will remember the possibility of acquiring Tebow.

But, if Miami misses on Flynn, the debate will turn to Tebow and the business-side of the Dolphins may win out over the football side.

Comments (6)
  1. Visigoth says:


    No tebow in miami.. talk about killing the franchise..

    1. Matt says:

      Tebow only led the Broncos to the playoffs.. and beat the Steelers in the 1st round…. when was the Dolphins’ last playoff win..?

  2. Flipper says:

    I’d buy season tickets tomorrow if they sign Tebow.

  3. Art says:

    Less than 46% pass completions, but many of those were throwaways because the receivers weren’t open. Tebow was instructed to throw the ball at the receivers feet if the receiver was covered. Last year the Broncos had three receivers who had less than 2 years starting experience. They did not have a single dominant deep threat. Their pass protection wasn’t that good either and Orton suffered from also with 7 interceptions and 2 fumbles. When Tebow had time, especially later in the season, his accuracy was pretty good (maybe you should have watched some of the games).

  4. Chris says:

    I wouldn’t buy season tickets.

    But I’d certainly be interested in watching every game.

    Remember those broadcast coverage maps on the site?

    America’s NFL coverage got stained with “Broncos” colors every week. Many wanted to drop their local NFL team coverage/blackout for the Bronco game – including the Miami and Jacksonville areas.

    Conversely, if Tebow went to the Dolphins; people in other markets from San Diego to New York would want to watch Tebow’s Dolphins.

  5. danny says:

    wouldn’t superise me if they got tebow….its all that matters to this team now is to sell tickets and not win any games…..all the tebow fans would be in the stadium though……. just shows how bad this organization truly is.

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