FT. LAUDERDALE  (CBS4) – The Miami cop who touched off an inter-departmental police feud after he was pulled over by a trooper for hitting up 10 120 mph as he sped to an off-duty job in his patrol car can avoid time in jail if he accepts a plea on a charge of reckless driving, according to an offer made in court Monday.

Trooper Donna Watts arrested Miami Officer Fausto Lopez early on the morning of October 11th.  Her dashboard camera recorded the Miami officer, in a marked police car, blowing past her and other traffic on the Florida Turnpike like it was standing still.

When she stopped him, the incident touched off a weeks-long squabble between departments and personal attacks against the character of the trooper.

“I don’t know what agency it is. I’m on 91, almost to Sunrise. He’s well over 120, and he’s not stopping,” said Trooper Watts. “All I can see is a white patrol car with blue or something like that. It would be Miami or DOT, and I’m sure it’s not DOT.”

When Watts finally pulled Lopez over, dispatch instructed her to take down the officer’s name and contact information. Instead, Watts is seen on her dashboard camera approaching the cruiser with her gun drawn. Once Lopez exited the cruiser, Watts placed him in handcuffs.

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the union representing Miami officers, slammed the state trooper’s behavior.

Lopez was arrested, and charged with reckless driving, with a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail. In court Monday, prosecutors made an offer: if Lopez agrees to plead guilty or no-contest to the charge, they would spare him from time in jail. However, he would still be left with a criminal record if a judge agreed to convict him.

The court could also agree to withhold adjudication, which is often done for first offenders.

If Lopez agrees, he could also face a $500 fine and be required to pay court costs of more than $3000.

Prosecutors gave Lopez a week to decide. If he declines the deal, they said they would add a second charge of reckless driving for speeding away from trooper Watts and set a trial date.

Comments (4)
  1. puffn1x says:

    Make an example of him.

  2. clo56 says:

    He’ll get off easy. Double standards here. He’s a cop. They get away with doing things we’d get jail time for. Our PD’S here in Dade have tons of problems but the people in charge of investigating cops look out for their own.

  3. angry citizen says:

    Awesome, they can put other people’s life in danger and all they get is a don’t do it again memo, let someone else do it, no let a minority do it and they get jail time. You have to love the great get out of jail free card that the cops get.

  4. Chuck says:

    He’ll get off with maybe a Paid Suspenion –Big Deal –He should lose their Job & the Cop who stopped them Should get a Raise & Promotion —Cops think because they wear a Badge they don’t have to obey Rules & Laws & their word & Actions are Justified ( They are not God ) If you Look on the web you’ll see 1% of Cops being Convicted of Crimes that 99% get away with –( Why ) Because Prosecutors are Affraid to Prosecute Cops –Because If they Do then they Know Cops will be Relucktant to work with them anymore — So the Prosecutors need to stay on Cops Good Side –So they’ll lie & even break the Law to Convict people that are Innocent. And when the Innocent after years in prison get proved Innocent –Who pays –The Tax payers when the County & citys are Sued –If More Prosecutors & Cops Would be held Accountable $$$$$$$ & Lose their Jobs over Wrongly Convicted people—Maybe they Won’t be so Fast in Convicting the wrong People . We give Prosecutors Blank Checks to Prosecute & Convict—There Should be a Limit on $$$$$ based on Cases—And if People get wrongly Convicted then I feel those prosecutors Should be arrested & Spend time in Jail or Prison to make them feel what that Wrongly Convicted Person felt Like

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