MIAMI (CBSMIami) – It’s a March tradition. We’re not talking about the Road to the Final 4, where the best college basketball team in the nation is picked. We’re talking “Brackets”, the arcane science, or some say art, of starting out with 68 teams and deciding, weeks in advance, the two who play for the championship. Its not just for hoops experts.

There are 4 rounds, and in the first, it’s simple. You have 34 match-ups, and all you have to do is pick the team you think will win in each match, or bracket. The winners in two paired brackets face each other in the next level.

Most people do pretty well even if they simply guess the first round. It gets harder in the second, but as Brackets experts will tell you, not even broad knowledge of the game and the teams can always help. On any given day, a statistically weaker team can upset a stronger one.

Picking the alleged best doesn’t always leave room for heart, or luck, or destiny.

That’s what makes March Madness so crazy, and what makes picking brackets so much fun. Even a basketball neophyte has a chance to do well, driving hard-core basketball fans crazy.

CBSMiami makes it easy to have fun with the brackets. In the past, it was all done on paper and keeping track was a pain. Now, with our easy online game, all you have to do is click and point to make the choices. The brackets are filled in for you, and all the record keeping is handled by the computer.

At any time, you know not only how well you’re doing, but where you stand against other fans, including many of our CBS4 on-air personalities.

It’s free, and takes just minutes to sign up and play.

Just visit If you’ve played one of our online challenge games before, use your username and password, or pick a new one. Once you register, you’ll be presented with the brackets to complete. Just point, click, and you’re in.

You can even invite friends to join you in a private game, say for co-workers. Run you’re own competition; we’ll keep score for you.

The top 5 bracket pickers in the nation could win some great computer prizes, but the best reason for taking part is for bragging rights. No matter who you are, or how big a fan you are, there’s nothing like picking the teams who will face off for all the marbles weeks before it happens.


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