MIAMI (CBSMiami) — They are some of the hottest fashions, but some of them end up in Megan Marsh’s giveaway or throw away piles. all because of sweat stains and odor. Whether she’s hot or cold it doesn’t matter. It started in her early teens and got worse as she got older.

“I have excessive sweating. When I’m out I worry about it, put tissues under my arms,” explained Marsh.

She’s tried everything, but nothing worked. For a luxury event planner like Marsh, it’s not only embarrassing, but costly.

“I have dry cleaning bills that I would rather do without,” said Marsh. “I’d sometimes rather throw the clothes out than pay for the dry cleaning bill. It definitely doesn’t make you feel confident, not good for dating, not good for job interviews.”

It’s normal to sweat a little but for people like Megan who sweat excessively, a condition called hyperhidrosis, it makes people self-conscious, tense, and for many, it’s almost too much to handle. It’s a problem men and women face.

“Sweating is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you. It gives away your emotional state, whether you’re nervous or upset,” said dermatologist Ava Shamban.

In the past, Shamban has used Botox to temporarily fix excessive sweating. But it doesn’t fix the odor. A new treatment is changing that.

“miraDry” is a brand new device that destroys not only the sweat glands but the glands that produce the odor in our underarm area,” explained Shamban.

Using microwave energy, a form of electromagnetic energy, the device essentially eliminates the sweat glands from the inside out.

A special grid is laid out onto the armpit to pinpoint exactly where the sweat glands are. Then the area is numbed. Next the hand piece suctions the skin “up” to bring the glands closer. Then the device essentially heats them up and eliminates them. Since sweat glands don’t grow back, the doctor says results are lasting.

“In my opinion, Botox only lasts three to six months at least. And in my opinion, because the exocrine gland is destroyed, this may be permanent,” said Shamban.

The process takes two treatments, each about a half-hour. The area may feel sensitive and swollen for up to a week, but Megan says even after one visit, she sees results.

“No sweat, no smell,” Megan proclaimed.

Now she’s ready to stop sweating the small stuff and those clothes she thought she’d have to give away, “They both always showed sweat and now I can wear them sweat free. Look at how cute they are!” said Marsh.

Click here for more information on miraDry.


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