“Poison” Liquid Drunk By Man On Trial Identified As Water

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – There was chaos in a Broward County courtroom Thursday morning when a man found guilty of armed trespassing and reckless display of a weapon drank a mysterious liquid from a medicine bottle, said it was poison, and collapsed to the floor.

Late Thursday, BSO said the “poison” was identified as water.

Marin Stroia, 60, was found guilty in a case in which he brought a gun into the courthouse and threatened to kill himself.

When the verdict was read Thursday morning, Stroia drank an unknown liquid from an aspirin bottle.

He told deputies it was poison. Just as he was about to be fingerprinted, he collapsed to the floor like a limp rag doll.

The 7th floor of the Broward Courthouse was cleared as Stroia was taken out of the courtroom on a stretcher.

Just like his first entrance in 2011, his exit more than a year later will likely be remembered for a long time.

It was January 14th, 2011 when he walked into the courthouse through an exit door with a gun which exposed a huge security problem.

Armed with a pistol he sunk to the floor, turned the gun on himself and pushed the barrel to his chin. Broward County Court Judge Joel Lazarus convinced Stroia to put the gun down and sheriff’s deputies took him into custody. Lazarus said Stroia was angry and frustrated over a child support case and just needed a sympathetic ear in which to vent.

After the incident, security was beefed up at the courthouse. An armed guard was stationed next to the exit doors to stop anyone from entering and new cones were positioned to keep people on the outside away from them.

Stroia was taken to Broward General Medical Center. He has since been discharged from the hospital and is back in jail.

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  • rickyrico

    Drama queen.

    • CodeWriter1

      Full blown Democrat

      • republican_chicks_sukkit_good

        Because republicans would’ve just smoked pole instead! BAM! YOU DONE!

      • I_told_you

        I love it!!!!!

      • Kat

        Really? You have to bring politics into this? That comments shows your ignorance and immaturity. Our country is falling apart because of closed-minded morons like you.

      • WJ FOLLIN


      • Hugh

        Idiot prick. I hope someone poisons YOU.

  • jeff

    Fool wanted to kill himself. Why didn’t they let him?

  • Wiggleton

    Probably a Bacon Milkshake from Jack-in-the Box

    • jrey762

      I’ve tried one, it really does taste like bacon! It is just a flavor syrup though, no bacon bits in the shake; it is just a flavored vanilla shake. Cool novelty but next time I think I’ll stick to chocolate or Oreo Cookie shakes.

      • jrey762

        Super bad for you for sure, I can only handle something like that maybe once a month. You feel bloated after you drink it; not fit for daily consumption!

      • Metal70's

        At 773 calories, 40 grams of fat (and 2 grams of trans fat!), 75 grams of sugar (~19 teaspoons), and even 319 mg of sodium?

        Ooof! Cardiac in a cup?

    • dws

      That was Cold
      and tasty!

    • Shane

      Someone makes bacon milk shakes?

  • David Dean O'Keefe

    ‘—‘sank’— to the floor’, you guys have any editors left down there? Neat trick, entering thru the exit door, that will throw off any high tech $$$ system out there

    • Paul Battis

      The old Entered through the side door move. . . . . .STYMIED!

  • j14401s

    I didn’t see even a mention of where this man could have gotten “poi son”. Hummm Who’s asleep on the job in Miami. Big Sis?

  • Angstie

    He does not want to kill himself. He wants an audience. People who truly want to kill themselves do not go to a courtroom to commit the act. They also don’t hold a gun under their chin while they have a conversation with someone who talks them out of it. They pull the trigger as soon as the gun is in position. This guys is merely attempting to work the sympathy angle in his child support case. Poorly.

    • Daniel

      “This guys is merely attempting to work the sympathy angle in his child support case.”

      He might as well give up. When it comes to men and the way they are treated by Domestic Relations and the courts, there is absolutely no sympathy.

      • silly2

        You sound like someone that resents paying to take care of your own kids. Newsflash!: Whether you pay or not, those kids have to be fed, clothed and have a home. And that is the bare basics. If you don’t support YOUR OWN CHILDREN, as it appears the drama queen above resented, the rest of us have no choice but to pay for them.

    • Ognywogny

      Reference Bud Dwyer, who in 1989 called a press conference after being convicted (he was a state official). At said conference he put a 357 in his mouth and did the deed. Clearly, you are speaking from you nether hole.

      • Phil-351

        Correct, put the gun in position and did the deed, not wait and hold a conversation. Talk about nether holes. Get your head out of it yet?

  • BillCNC

    Bummer, … When I saw the title, … I was hoping it was Rupert Murdoch. Oh well, … one can still hope!

    • shawn

      i was hoping it was gw bush, i guess ill keep hoping.

      • Ed


      • UAW worker

        i was hoping it was shawn. i guess ill keep hoping

    • Bret Michaels

      Down twinkles Bill…

    • KarenCNN


  • gutsygirl

    The guy has a death wish. Let him fulfill it before he hurts someone.

  • Tom

    Can’t wait for his third court appearance. Maybe he’ll try to drown himself in a bucket of water he successfully smuggles past security.

  • Gismo

    Worked for Socrates…

  • Randy

    I know that I am a right wing hatemongering conservative veteran a-hole, but I figure if someone wants to kill themselves, go ahead.. Why should we feed this dude for the rest of his life in prison when all he wants is to off himself? I thought this was a free country. If it is a free country, why can’t he blow his head off if he wants to? I’m sure he’s made countless contributions to society. But I’m just a hater, so what can I say?

  • johnb

    Bummer man.

  • billyg

    Why can’t article writer use the right verb consistently. “He sank to the floor” is correct; it’s a simple verb. Sink, sank, sunk.

    • Randy

      Because the writer was educated in a public school, where they can’t read their diploma when they graduate, and spend more time learning about how wonderful it is to be gay and how much America sucks, but they don’t learn to read or write.

  • A Nonymous

    “It’s still not known what was in the aspirin bottle.”
    Hey, it was ‘poison.’ He said so, so it MUST be true!
    Dang good poison, too, IMHO. After all, “as he was about to be fingerprinted,
    he collapsed to the floor like a limp rag doll.”
    OK, so maybe the ‘poison’ wasn’t THAT good, since the guy lived.
    Still, he likely provided work on a slow news day, thereby “creating or saving” the jobs of several journalists. Just wait till our Prez hears about this entrepreneur!

  • Howie

    If a woman had done this, everyone would have just said “she snapped” and would be sympathetic and say she just needs some therapy not jail. When a man “snaps” he is considered violent and gets no sympathy whatsoever. Many men are driven to suicide by father-hating courts and by false allegations of DV that occur in droves. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was one of those cases.

    • silly2

      I bet you like to hit women.

      • Howie

        Now I know why you chose that name. You’re dead wrong. And a stupid statement to make. I despise all violence. Never hit a woman. Never even spanked my kids.

  • Twinnie

    What a drama queen!

  • teremist

    The guy is 60 and not dealing with a full deck. (Even a moron could figure out this drama wasn’t a winner.) He may have early onset dementia…….or he could just be a brain impaired jerk. If he is nuts lock him in a psych ward, if not put him away for a year.

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