TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) – A Florida House bill which would abolish Miami-Dade County’s dangerous dog ordinance, which specifically bans pit bulls, gets a hearing Monday in the House Community and Military Affairs Subcommittee.

Current state law, enacted in 1990, allows local governments to take action against dangerous dogs after a complaint is made and served on the owner, who can appeal the classification to county court. Afterward, the owner may be required to register the dog with local animal control and, depending on the severity of the dog’s actions, it may be ordered impounded or even destroyed.

The law prohibits regulations by breed, although Miami-Dade County and several of its municipalities were allowed to retain restrictions already in place on pit bulls. Florida is among only 12 states that prohibit breed-specific regulations.

Miami-Dade approved the breed specific ban in 1989 after an 8-year old girl was brutally mauled by a pit bull.

The News Service of Florida contributed to this report.

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  1. good heavens says:

    Look out Florida, Best Friends Animal Society is behind this assault on your home rule rights. They are done with Ohio and you are in their sights, they have LOTS of money to spend..

    1. MIA here says:

      O Rly? Well, Miami-Dade County spends zillions coming from OUR POCKETS to kill dogs just because a stupid profiling. It’s a fact that dogs can be dangerous no matter their breed; this is because the poor breeding conditions, being neglected and/or mistreated, and also by receiving no love at all. And Pit Bulls are the proof of bad media rap (just as Dobermans, German Shepherds, etc) that God only knows what the hidden reason may be.
      Believe it or not @good heavens, Pit Bulls are the TRUE AMERICAN BREED. Not even a Mexican Chihuahua or a French Poodle. Your ignorance is really outstanding, sir or madam!
      I personally hope the bills pass without a fuzz and only stupid owners and druglords who use those dogs for puppy mills or fights or to scare people should go to jail.

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