Police Shoot, Kill Suspect At Homestead Gas Station

HOMESTEAD (CBSMiami) – An armed man was shot and killed late Thursday night at a Homestead Chevron station after police got into a confrontation with a man who employees said was acting suspicious. It’s still not certain why the officer opened fire.

Shortly before 11 p.m. Thursday night police say an employee at the Chevron gas station at Campbell Drive and US 1 saw someone who appeared to be acting strangely, and the worried employee pushed the panic button for the store’s silent alarm.

Miami Dade police spokesperson Detective Javier Baez said officers spotted the man, who was described only as having latin features, and an officer ordered the man to stop and show his hands.

Baez said shots were fired by the officer, but police are not sure what caused him to shoot. The man was killed by the police gunfire, and an investigation is underway.

The clerk was not hurt, but the gas station is closed.

While it’s not certain what caused the clerk to get suspicious, employees told CBS4 that the man came in, asked for a painkiller, and then asked for his money back. The clerk reportedly noticed the man was carrying a gun, and that’s when the silent alarm button was pushed.

The names of the suspect and the name of the officer who fired the shots were not immediately available.

  • gary

    Since the clerk “noticed he was carrying a gun”, he was breaking the law. Some idiots think this is the Wild Wild West, where anyone can “strap on some iron” and intimidate citizens. Thank you Homestead Police, for making our town a bit safer.

  • poorwhiteboy

    SHOOT MORE of the idiots.

  • la chula

    well he was still a child and a person. If something really did needed to be done he should have been shot in the leg

    • gary

      Shot in the LEG? Why, so he could pull out his illegal handgun that his braindead parents say wasn’t his and shoot the officer that is protecting us from maggots like this? No, he was shot JUST FINE. THANK YOU HOMESTEAD POLICE DEPT.

  • http://Dadeschools.net Campbell Drive Middle

    He shouldn’t have been shot, he wasnt a maggot. He was my friend, he was misunderstood. soft, nervous wrecks like the clerk & gary here, are people that make society soft and scared… But thats past the point. He shouldn’t have been shot and if he was, not a kill shot, which is the only thing cops know these days. Wheres the video evidence, isn’t there a sign that says 24 hour surveillance!? Seriously. I hope you guys have a happy conscience for the rest of your life, dumb pricks.

    • greggf

      heres a question…if you are working somewhere and some punk comes in with a gun, calling the police makes you a nervous wreck? Society is soft because it does not punish the criminals harder. Law enforcement are not taught to take “leg shots”.
      Thank you homestead police.One more criminal off the street.

    • John Lazo

      Funny thing is, had your mom, sister, wife, grandmother been the clerk that day at the gas station, and a “nervous wreck armed with a gun” came into her store attempting to rob her, what result would you want?

      • gary

        Regardless of Campbell Drive Middles comment, I’m not a “nervous wreck” – on the contrary, I carry a handgun LEGALLY, WITH A PERMIT, everyday and everywhere. The result was predictable, anyone who thinks police should treat these MAGGOTS (YES, HE WAS A MAGGOT) any differently is an IDIOT. THANK YOU AGAIN HOMESTEAD POLICE.

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