MIAMI (CBSMiami) – We have some of the best weather in the world, except for hurricanes. We have white sand beaches, when they don’t erode. Glittering nightclubs, if you can afford it. A diverse population, if you can understand them. Lots of people think Miami is a paradise, so why does one poll call us the most miserable city in the nation?

That’s right. Miserable Miami, according to Forbes magazine. Worse than Detroit, a city where whole quadrants have been leveled, unemployment is among the worst in the nation, and they don’t even have great weather. Miami’s a tourist destination. Detroit, well, they try hard.


So why does Forbes think we’re miserable? Blame the housing crisis, those stinking long commutes, what Forbes said is one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation, taxes, and political corruption.

They even take into account how lousy our sports teams are. That’s it. Blame the Dolphins.But, are they forgetting the great year the Panthers are having?

Miami is a place where the good life can be really, really good, for those who can afford it. But for every LeBron James and Wayne Huizenga, there are about half a gazillion people having a tough time making one end meet the other, and Forbes said it is from that well that Miami’s misery flows.

75% of the people who live here make less than $75 thousand, and given home prices, insurance, taxes, and the overall high cost of living, that doesn’t seem like a lot.

Forbes also mentions the 300-thousand-plus foreclosures, the Alvarez recall, and Luke Campbell’s candidacy for mayor.

The man who replaced Alvarez, Mayor Carlos Gimenez, took issue with some of the data used to reach the results, and even those who live here and are fed up a bit might think calling a city like Miami the most miserable place in the nation is a great way to sell a fed magazines.

But nobody likes to get up in the morning and think, “I’m off to face the misery.”

Before those people who live outside the city’s borders starting pointing fingers and snickering, the pollsters didn’t stop with Miami. West Palm Beach, that cauldron of urban misery, was ranked 4th in the most miserable cities, behind Detroit (2) and Flint, Michigan (3). Ft. Lauderdale is seventh.

Up and down the Gold Coast, Forbes thinks we’re miserable.

What do you think? Tell us below.

Comments (6)
  1. Vera says:

    I lived in Miami and aside from the obvious hurricane season still found it agreeable to move. Reason : the fact that when I wanted imy hamburger :my way”. I had to practicallly be able to say it in Spanish. Hello, iI thought that oe had to MELD to fit into American society, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Any time I MUST speak a foriegn language to move up in a factory or automated or even fast food type position in order to rise into a supervisory type position to lead folks that do not speak the language that is native to this country, well…..time to move. And God forgive me but I hope this next hurricane….

  2. FED UP MIAMI says:

    I live in Miami and could not agree more. Could not get anything going for myself to generate income and started questioning my own sanity. Miami is full of big talkers who will never deliver. Everybody is a hustler it seems. Forget about customer service because the customer will be the one sucking up just to get some type of decent service. Honestly I hate this city where everything you see is pretty much fake…

  3. BK says:

    I love Florida and I love Miami – what kills it is people who can’t take a step back, look at whats around them, and appreciate it. Seriously, how can you hate someone trying to hustle, that’s America, the land of opportunity, so yeah, folk are gonna have their hustle. And relax with the overly absurd exaggerations, yes a lot of people speak Spanish but there are few, few places where you ‘have’ to speak Spanish to get around…really it’s like getting mad at someone for speaking Italian in little Italy or Chinese in chinatown, grow up. people are different than you! And if you can appreciate that beauty and love the cultures, people, the beautiful weather, the great food, and fun nightlife that always keeps you on your toes, then Miamis for you! If your a stuck up negative fool, living in someone else stigma and always more interested in what someone else is doing that what your doing, then please help make Florida a better place and leave.

  4. Trapped InMiami says:

    Really hate these blogs that ask your opinion then sanitize their pages when they don’t agree your point of view. Don’t ask then if all you want is a bunch of yes men or just give your friends access. Waste of time

  5. Rev Guillermo Collazo says:

    My name is Rev Collazo I saw Forbes magazine’s comment over Miami and I went to their website and their ratings comes from our real estate foreclose homes. They need to understand that to a true Floridian will not let our economic situations control our happiness. Detroit, Mich. Detroit has closed schools and laid off police and hi crimes, That’s the beginning and sufficient cause for people in any city to be miserable, maybe the reporter lives in Detroit and wishes to move to Miami and work for a real anchor station not just for a regular magazine.( That’s not the way a reporter needs to get noticed)

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