By Joan Murray

BOCA RATON (CBSMiami) – An October incident that has just come to light is casting a cloud over a Boca Raton Chevron station for what one woman claims is discrimination.

Wednesday, La-Fleur Mohammed talked about her experience at the Boca Raton station where she said she was refused service because she was wearing a traditional Muslim headdress that covered almost all of her face.

“She took my money and said ‘you can’t come in here dressed like that,’” said La-Fleur Mohammed. “I said, ‘excuse me but this is my religious right.’”

Mohammed continued, “She said, ‘well, I need to see you.’ I said, ‘no, you don’t. Please just give me $20 on pump number one’ and that’s when she just threw my money back at me.”

Mohammed said at that point she picked up her money, walked out, and called 911. A sheriff’s deputy arrived and escorted Mohammed into the store again, but was still refused service.

“I’ve never felt humiliated like that before to get service from someone,” Mohammed said.

“While we did not see evidence of discrimination; we have taken corrective action,” said Chevron operations manager Karen Rheny. It was “an unfortunate misunderstanding of an internal message that was intended to heighten security during a time when there is a higher risk of robberies.”

Still, CAIR representatives said it’s a clear-cut case of discrimination on religious grounds.

“In this particular case, when someone is escorted by law enforcement and asked to be served and where she hears is a refusal; there’s no doubt that this is a violation of Title 2 of the Civil Rights Act,” said Wilfred Ruiz, CAIR legal counsel.

CAIR reported the incident to the Florida Commission on Human Rights. Mohammed said she doesn’t want money, but would like Chevron to apologize to her.

Chevron released this statement about the incident:

Chevron continues to take Ms. Mohamed’s allegations seriously.

In response to the incident which occurred in October last year, we conducted a thorough investigation. We spoke with our employee cashier and reviewed the store surveillance tape. The incident occurred within a few days of Halloween – a time when retailers are prone to increased theft from persons wearing masks and other facial coverings.  In light of this concern, we acknowledge that our employee did ask Ms. Mohamed to remove her veil for security purposes; when she refused, she was denied service.

We fully believe that our employee acted without the intent to violate Ms. Mohamed’s religious principles and any suggestion that discrimination is acceptable at Chevron is completely false.  Chevron employs 60,000 people from countries across the globe. Our Human Rights policy requires that we treat all people with respect and dignity.

Regardless, we regret the misunderstanding. We have apologized twice to Ms. Mohamed and encouraged our employees to be more aware of potential diversity issues.

Comments (21)
  1. Infidel says:

    GOOD! Where is that gas station? I want to give them all my business. She could have called her cousins to send her a few barrels. A business owner has the right to refuse to serve anyone they please. See looks like a hold-up man to me. What’s she hiding?

    1. jenn says:

      it doesn’t matter what she looks like to you… the point is her first amendment right to practice her religion without discrimination was violated.

      1. Gary Rumain says:

        Don’t be stupid. She walked into a gas station with a mask on her face. The sharmuta should consider herself lucky she wasn’t shot.

    2. Tariq Faridi says:

      So it’s okay if next time a white store clerk sees a black man/customer and says “I DONT SERVE BLACK PEOPLE HERE, I SERVE WHITE PEOPLE ONLY. GET OUT OF THIS STORE” ???? Race, religious beliefs, skin color, country of origin, are things that people cannot change because these are what MAKES that person. You should think before you speak and act, and same goes for this dumb wit Chevron store clerk.

      1. Gary Rumain says:

        Your takiya fools nobody, arselifter. She should know better than to walk into a gas station with a mask on her face. What a stupid sharmuta!

  2. Scott D Barrish says:

    A private business can ask anyone to leave or refuse service to anyone for any reason. Their reason was they could not see her face. She refused to comply with the agent of the private business, so the private business refused service. End of discussion.

    1. SKEETER says:

      Really? Remember the white-only lunch counters of the South? See many of them around these days? Think it’s because the cracker white business owners suddenly decided to welcome in their black neighbors? No. In a business where it’s customary for the public to have general access (shoe store, fast food, gas station, and the like it’s against the law to keep a person out because of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or color. You simply can’t say “Dark haired White men only in this gas station. No catholics. No handicapped. Over 60? Stay out.”

  3. Scott D Barrish says:

    BTW, CAIR was an unidcted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation’s US District Court case which was about the funding of Hamas. CAIR is a terrorist organization. Just google and you will find the US District Court in Dallas, TX’s ruling in a pdf file…It is a very interesting read.

    Also, read “Muslim Mafia” as this is an underover investigative report on the terror ties and foundations of CAIR.

    I really wish news outlets would do better research instead of giving CAIR credibility as a “civil liberties union”. THEY ARE THE ENEMY….THEY ARE TERRORIST. US Distroct Court has stated such!

  4. Scott D Barrish says:

    From Florida Statutes:

    876.13 Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public property.—No person or persons shall in this state, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, enter upon, or be, or appear upon or within the public property of any municipality or county of the state.
    History.—s. 3, ch. 26542, 1951.

    876.16 Sections 876.11-876.15; exemptions.—The following persons are exempted from the provisions of ss. 876.11-876.15:
    (1) Any person or persons wearing traditional holiday costumes;
    (2) Any person or persons engaged in trades and employment where a mask is worn for the purpose of ensuring the physical safety of the wearer, or because of the nature of the occupation, trade, or profession;
    (3) Any person or persons using masks in theatrical productions, including use in Gasparilla celebrations and masquerade balls;
    (4) Persons wearing gas masks prescribed in emergency management drills and exercises.
    History.—s. 6, ch. 26542, 1951; s. 46, ch. 83-334.

    Also did a quick search on FL case law and nothing thre states anything about exemptions on religious head coverings…

    1. may says:

      wouldn’t traditional costumes cover it?

      1. Scott D Barrish says:

        “holiday” is the key temr you left out of your response…Makes a wolrd of difference in the interpretation!

  5. Max Maxwell says:

    hahahaha good, It’s time to show there is a place and time for everything, in todays climate you may have to make allowances in your beliefs or the end result is ……………walk or go back to your precious homeland.

    1. CandY says:

      i believe is american!!! that is her homeland

      1. Khaled says:

        I haven’t wetahcd Supernatural for so long that I have forgotten what happened in Season 2. I may have to watch that season again. Psych and Supernatural are the only two TV shows that I must have on dvd. Oh, and the Simpsons.

  6. Helen says:

    I would like to know why she felt this was an emergency and why charges are not filed against her for using an emergency system designed for life and death situations. If she needed a police report for her upcoming lawsuit (you now it’s coming) she could call the non-emergency line. Really lady??????

    1. Mosa says:

      swearing off dbsaospile coffee cups. Somehow I havent quite got around to adding it to my list of official resolutions; let alone taking it serious enough to last more than a day without a cup. I am a wandering English

  7. iqbal Kazmi says:

    Mr. Maxwell,
    How about if one is an Afro American Muslim born of parents who were brought to USA as slaves? About 30 % of American Muslims are Afro American. Where should born US citizens go?

    Refusal to provide service was open discrimination after she was was escorted by a police officer. We live in a nation of legal rights.

  8. Ralph Vaughan says:

    She should have been arrested for calling 911 w/o an emergency. The was no danger to life or limb, and the only crime was walking into a high-risk facility looking like a robber. Besides, what’s she doing driving…someone call the Saudi Arabians.

  9. Infidel says:

    I thought muslim women couldn’t operate cars? What did she need gasoline for if her “religion” doesn’t allow her to drive? Ohhhh, that’s different. She respects her cult enough to insist on wearing a mask, but not much when it comes to the convienience of driving. Islam is a cult of opportunists and this case proves it. If she wants to look like LeRoy the Clown or a stick-up man, then she has to pay the price. The best thing she could do is come out ot the stoneage and denounce the child rapist pedafile called mohammed.

  10. poorwhiteboy says:

    The station clerk should of SHOT her. Take that TOWEL HEAD

  11. poorwhiteboy says:

    Her 30% BLACK is showing. Looking for a hand -out from Chevron

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