MIAMI (CBS4) – Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney came out swinging against Newt Gingrich after a campaign ad, which has since been pulled, claimed the former Massachusetts governor was anti-immigration.

“I want to increase legal immigration.  Due to that got to stop illegal immigration.”

The ad was pulled by the Gingrich campaign after Florida Senator Marco Rubio called the commercial “inaccurate” and “inflammatory”.

Romney agreed, and stressed he has also had the back of Rubio all along.

“I was the one who endorsed Marco Rubio.  I came and campaigned with Marco Rubio.  He is one of my political heroes,” said Rubio. “I’m afraid Speaker Gingrich is as different from Marco Rubio as any two people I know.”

Mitt Romney points out he has the support of prominent GOP Cuban-American politicians, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, and former Senator Mel Martinez.

“They have given me, hopefully have helped me, shape policy right for Cuba and US,” said Romney. “I want to begin economic initiative with nations willing to open and have trade.  If we do that we can isolate Castro and bring freedom to people of Cuba.”

The number one issue to Floridians: jobs. Romney said his plan is to make the United States an attractive place to do business by making tax rates competitive globally, introducing regulations to stimulate business, and trade agreements to encourage growth.


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