DORAL (CBSMiami) – Many people may have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight but not CBS4 Producer Alex Hernandez.

Hernandez, who battled obesity for years, decided to take on the weight loss challenge almost two years ago and his perseverance and determination has definitely paid off.

Friends and co-workers noticed the change in his weight and he shared his personal story on how he did it with very little money and motivation from something very precious to him.

“It was getting worse and worse, so I basically needed to do something about it,” Alex told CBS4’s Jawan Strader.

In pictures of Alex before his weight loss, you’ll see a happy family man, but behind the smile was a man struggling with his weight.

At his heaviest, standing at five-foot-seven, the 34-year-old weighed 247 pounds and his weight was slowly taking a toll.

“You didn’t feel good in the sense that you go up a flight of stairs and you would be winded or you would try to run after your daughter or try to do things around the house and not feel as happy as you should,” explained Alex.

Alex decided that it was time to make a change. But with a hectic schedule as a family man and producer at CBS 4, making time to lose weight wasn’t easy.

He soon got a wake-up call to move forward with his weight loss plans when his baby girl Caitlyn was born.

“She is inspiration, she is the reason, I wanted to be around when she was a grown woman and she’s graduating from college and the path that I was going, I wasn’t going to get there,” said Alex. “I needed to do something to make sure I got there.”

Alex hit the ground walking first for exercise. He then changed his diet from junk food, to healthy foods by eating more veggies, fruits, salads and healthy meals. But changing his diet wasn’t easy.

“I love some fried chicken, I love ice cold soda, I love a bag of Doritos but that stuff is bad,” said Alex. But he eventually took all of his bad eating habits out of his diet and focused on eating right and working out, with his inspiration Caitlyn, guiding him from the comforts of her stroller

“We go down the street and we walk. And we basically spend an hour or hour and a half walking every day. And some days it may be an hour and forty-five minutes,” said Alex.

After about three or four months, Alex saw the weight coming off. His shirt size went from a double XL to a medium. His pants went from a 42-inch waist size to a 30-inch waist.

Currently, Alex is 100-pounds lighter weighing only 146 pounds.

Alex said he feels great, but he owes his loss to the precious bundle of joy that inspires him every day.

“They’re no words to explain it. It’s something that needed to be done. I wanted to be there for her when she’s older and for hopefully our other children if we have any and this is a simple thing that I needed to take upon myself to do it.”

Jawan also spoke with a registered and licensed dietician who recommends consulting with your doctor before going on any diet.



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