MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Pizza restaurants have been doing it for years but now Miami-based Burger King is giving door-to-door delivery a try.

According to a report in USA Today, Burger King has been offering a delivery service for its flame-broiled burgers and French fries at four locations in the Washington D.C. area as a possible way to boost sales.

The company website claims the food is delivered “hot and fresh in specifically designed packaging. Company officials said the “proprietary thermal packaging technology” prevents soggy burgers and limp fries.

The Washington Post reported there are also plans to expand its test delivery service to 16 locations by Jan. 23rd, according to Burger King spokeswoman Kristen Hauser.

Currently, the delivery service is available 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Deliveries cost $2.00 and there is a minimum order of $8 to $10, depending on the market.  Customers can order online or via phone.

Burger King doesn’t deliver fountain drinks, milkshakes, coffee and breakfast foods. The stores try to deliver within 30 minutes of the time a phone or online order is received. Delivery customers must live within a 10-minute drive of the store. All soft-drink orders are in bottles.

If the trial works out, the idea could expand.

Burger King is currently the number 2 fast-food chain in the nation behind McDonald’s.

Comments (3)
  1. Noob says:

    Stoners rejoice!

    1. I like the Whopper, F the Big Mac says:

      Tired, burned-out, corpulent married guys/dads who are already five pints into the evening REJOICE!!!

  2. yadayada says:

    Lol @ Noob! Besides that Miami Subs tried this but it hasn’t been that popular… There food arrives soggy. Maybe Burger King can get it right. The least I can say is that whenever I order a salad from BK my salad is inside a sealed container & the lettuce is crispy & my chicken is always hot!

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