CBS Looking To Add Tebow To Broadcast Team

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Just when you thought Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was down; like a phoenix, he rises from the ashes.

Tebow and the Broncos were last seen Saturday night walking off the field after getting shellacked by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

The former Florida Gators quarterback couldn’t muster any offense in the game and was outclassed on the field by Brady.

But, Tebow has been a ratings draw for CBS and now, the network wants to get Tebow in the studio this Sunday for the AFC Championship game.

According to, CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus said CBS has had conversations with Tebow’s people and are waiting to hear back from the popular quarterback.

McManus said CBS is hoping to hear from Tebow by midweek.

  • Diego Roswell

    I pray to Jesus that Tebow says NO to the parasites at CBS.

    • Dave Patton

      This would be a great way for the liberal network to get him out of the public eye. This guy may not be the best football player but [in my opinion] he does set a good example for all of us. Has anyone reported those that Tim has worked with off the field? Don’t think so. The liberal, anti-Christ, media only wants to ridicule him and hopefully discredit him.

      • MIKE A

        Are you insane?

    • whattim

      who is Jesus and why would he care?

      • John Bourgon

        Hum… you don’t know who Jesus is ?

      • Go Tebow!


        the exact reason this country is in the state it is in. My guess is whattim is a liberal loser too.

      • whattim

        Not Liberal. I go to church and you make me laugh. My relationship with God is personal. But thank you for judging me. You just proved my point about people pushing their religion on others. have a great day

      • Avenger

        Whattim………If you don’t find out who Jesus is before you die, you’ll find out at The Great White Throne Judgement. It will be Jesus Christ who condemns the lost and then casts them into the Lake of Fire for eternity.

      • whattim

        Jesus is no more the son of God than anyone on this board. Did you know there were more than two other story’s, prior to Jesus, where a guy had 12 buddies, was crucified and rose three days later. Blind faith does not get you closer to God. Jesus belonged to the right religion. Again, judge and be judged

      • Ian Perry

        “there were more than two other story’s, prior to Jesus, where a guy had 12 buddies, was crucified and rose three days later.” @whatim –are you getting that from the Zeitgeist movie? That was horribly inaccurate, from what I recall. On broader historical stuff (with regard how similar other stories were to the Christian claims) cf. N. T. Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God. (Sorry for the double-post.)

      • JustAGuy

        Nonody pushed their religion on you whatim. You are a religions bigot and you leap to conclusion.

      • whattim

        I love how the Christians call names, judge other and push their beliefs on others when you call them out. It makes me laugh. It is funnier than Mr. Tebow not Tebowing when he got is arse kicked.

      • JustAGuy

        Curiously, whattim comes on and goes out of his way to scoff, then behaves in a self-superior manner.

        Whattim, what is your self-described religion since you appear to have such low esteem for Christians?

      • whattim

        I believe in God. I believe Jesus was a nice guy who did great things and I have lived most of my life serving the way he asked people to serve. If you see someone who is hungry, feed them. I have been feeding, housing and clothing people for most of my life. I am humbled by God’s love. I was raised as a Catholic then i realized how many go to church and then gossip and judge the people the attend church with. The same is going on here. if people do not believe in Jesus, they are judged. I think it is funny. I love many people who believe in Christ because they simply serve and honor God, they do not stand up in the middle of their job and proclaim Jesus as their Lord, if they did, they would be fired. a relationship with god is a private thing. UNless you need and thrive on peoples attention.

      • whattim

        I believe in God, but I do not believe Jesus is the son of God any more than anyone on this board. However, I loved his message and have lived my life by one “stpry” about him. I have spent most of my life feeding, clothing and housing people all because of the story. I was raised Catholic, so I have no clue how you can judge me and my love for people who follow Christ. On the other hand, if you were at your job and you were praying after each thing you did, you would be fired. again, I laugh at the self proclaimed Christian who judge others. According to your beliefs, you will be judged too.

      • Rationalist

        He’s the One you’re supposed to be reading about in church. Suggest you change churches and read up on His biography – the Bible. Your comments below indicate that your church attendance is fictional and you’ve been reading the wrong newspaper religion articles about the Savior.

      • Vote Loud

        Obviously you get your news from comedians… and were edumucartered in a Publik Skhoolz!

      • G W

        If you TRULY knew Jesus , you would know why He cares. We will pray for you. GOD bless

      • BK

        Exactly. Jesus doesn’t care about football. He’s more interested in healing the sick, feeding the hungry, helping the poor, etc. Praying and praising good during a football game is misguided and selfish.

      • jncarlos007

        So Jesus was a good person, who you seek to emulate in many ways, but he was a liar or insane since he claimed to be the son of God?

        Is that your position?

      • JT

        He is the son of God who came to this world and gave his life so that we would have a saviour to help guide us through this life and then accept us into Heaven when we die. He is a great friend. Try it…you’ll like it.

      • xfiler93

        I love how atheists start a a fight by insulting Christians, then they step on their “hight Horse” thinking they are better. Patheitic without a doubt.

    • John Bourgon

      Yea…what he said!

    • Jaymie Witherspoon

      Jesus would go to the dregs of society and speak the word. Tebow should to CBS , NBC ,CNN …

    • kenmat

      Tebow has 3 other offers: (1) The Republicans want him to run for president;
      (2) The Vatican wants him to replace the pope and (3) God wants him to replace Jesus. Note: Tebow “tebowed” when he heard offer # 3 although there is a rumor he wants to replace God himself. If the truth be known, many Americans now have begun to pray to Tebow instead of God. Praise Tebow!

      • GozieBoy

        You worked too hard to come up with something so lame… Spend your time doing something else.

      • Vote Loud


        Yet trite!

      • jncarlos007

        weak. really really weak

    • Vote Loud


      The Secularist at CBS only worship at the alter of the almighty dollar!

      Rise above Tebow… Your best is ahead of you…

      CBS’s days are dark.

    • Scott Laux

      If he says yes we’ll know he’s about all the glory and his faith is second.

      • jncarlos007

        So a christian can’t accept a job offer? Or just not go on tv?
        I am confused. Please explain

      • JT

        I say he should go on….God has opened a door for him to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    • Scott Laux

      I’m sick of all the Tebow religion media hype. He needs to do us all a favor and say “no” I just want to watch the game.

      • BK

        Amen, brother. This liberal Christian is tired of Tebow. He gives religion a bad name.

      • jncarlos007

        So he needs to do YOU a favor because its what YOU want.
        I don’t want to ever read another post by you so, hey, why don’t you do me a favor…

  • AikmansGhost

    Outclassed by Brady? Outplayed maybe, but Brady will never have more class than Tebow. What a joke of a writer.

  • Bluesquid

    Shouldnt he be working on his throwing motion?

    • WhocarresaboutTebow

      At least working on the prayer stance when he isn’t winning….

  • tld62

    DON’T DO IT TIM!!!!!!
    @AikmansGhost—very well said!

    • Bob G.

      You guys are nuts! Tom Brady ouclassed him totally. Tebow played like a college kid, nearly more yards retreating than advancing.Please

      • jncarlos007

        so you are confusing the words “outclassed” and “outplayed”

  • Kurt

    Agreed. I think he will, knowing his character.

  • oilfield steve

    It would be cool to see him as a broadcaster! And I think “outclassed” refers to the qb performance. tebow and brady aren’t on the field together so one can’t “outplay” the other.

  • Justme

    Don’t be exploited, Tebow. Stay true to who you are. I agree with AikmansGhost, no way can Brady outclass Tebow. Brady is a great player, but….

  • For Real?

    I don’t know if Brady outclassed Tebow or not, but he sure did clean up the field with him. Brady is a true pro in football, so yeah, I would say he outclassed Tebow. But with this kid Tebow making a comeback the way he just did (with CBS and all), I’d have to say, now I’m a believer.

  • Stoney

    Elvis maintained his popularity because he was unavailable.

    Tebow will decline the offer.


    FOX needs to counter offer NOW

  • mike4444

    TEBOW needs to get a room……..Maybe in a church?

  • tj

    Fox was outcoached by Belichek. He truly understands the advantage of being unpredictable.

  • Mike A.

    Sorry, I like Tebow, I get the hype, I wish him well.

    But I don’t think he has the brains/personality for that gig. When you see candid camera footage of him (like NFL sound effects or whatever the show is called) he comes across like a 14 year old boy. Again, no offense to Tebow or his fans, I just don’t think it would work.

    • Maximillian

      I am a Tebow fan and I concur. I don’t think his talents lie in that direction.

    • GozieBoy

      The same was said of Troy Aikman in the day. In fact, I still say that today…

    • Jon

      Right.. so all the broadcaster players who made the jump halfway through college right into the pros have more brains/personality for the gig than a guy who graduated, still won the Heisman, and led his team to a national championship?! Stop trolling kid

      • American Patriot

        Graduated from a school in Florida. Ha ha ha ha ha. Florida. Ha ha ha ha ha. You’re killing me. STOP!

  • Joseph

    For a 1st half season of starting…..I think the kid did pretty well. Look at the other current top QB’s in the league, and take a look at their first starting season….not nearly as many wins. The Broncos got to the playoffs this year after a horrible start from Orton. Give him time…..Give him time!

  • Pinny

    I love how CBS is reporting that they heard on that CBS is doing something….huh?

  • Gradebone

    Did I miss the game this writer saw?? I thought there were 10 other guys on the field every time Tebow was on and 11 guys on the field when he was off the field!!! I suspect if one took a stop watch and timed the amount of seconds Brady had to find a receiver versus the time Tebow had, it would be greatly in favor of Brady. Was that Tebow’s fault???? I acknowledge that Brady is one of the best passers in professional football and Tebow isn’t there yet – may never will be, don’t know. But one person doesn’t win or lose a game – ask Aaron Rogers!!!

    • CBO

      I can’t agree more. The way some of these sports fans and sports commentators talked about these games you would think that Brady and Tebow were out there by themselves playing. I think I heard Tebow once say that it was a TEAM effort.

      Is it Tebow’s fault the Patriots scored 45 points? They blame losses entirely on the quarterback and praise him alone for the win. Neither is true. Good post!

  • John Sheridan

    You can’t put this on Tebow alone. There was no pass protection, the offensive line was asleep and oh yes, the DEFENSE took the afternoon off.

    • Chris

      Yeah, but according to St Timothy, it is God and God alone to whom he owes his success on the field. Not so with his failures? His team mates are to blame for those? So, when playing well, St Timothy is channeling God.When he plays poorly, his team mates are channeling the devil and are to blame. I get it.

      • AintAfraidOfHaters

        Chris you are quite intolerant. Tebow has said that himself that God doesn’t call games. You’re just another hater that finds the idea of God disgusting, and can’t give a guy like Tebow the credit for being a classy-christian athlete. There are a lot of classy-christians, jews, etc. But you are a cry baby who can’t let them have any attention, because you are so insecure. You probably wet your bed.

      • American Elm

        Tim Tebow never said anything of the sort.

        Why don’t you just type, “I hate Christians”, and cut to the chase?

      • Go Tebow!


        you dont get anything. you have no clue and your post makes you look ignorant.

      • JW

        What… he said the EXACT same canned speech he always says… “I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and thank my teammates and coaches for playing so hard and laying on the line today”.

        If you are going to hate… at least hate accurately.

      • Chris

        Hehe, Yeah, but he only points up in the sky after the touchdowns.

      • Chris

        @American Elm
        Hah, why don’t you just type “My faith is so easily shaken that a simple post on the internet makes me turn off the greatest gift God gave me- my brain”?

        I don’t hate Christians. What I get tired of are is arrogant little twits like Tebow who actually believe that God gives a rats nut whether Tim Tebow and/or his team win a football game. I think the 45 – 10 route was God’s little way saying to little Timmy: “Young fella, quit making such a vain and public display of dropping my name every chance you get and concentrate on whatever the heck it is you do for a living- I’m busy!”

      • American Elm

        My brain works fine, Chris. In fact, it works so well that I’ve actually heard Tebow say about a zillion times that he does NOT think that God cares who wins a football game.

        Your animosity for Christians makes you hear things that the poor guy not only didn’t say, but AGREES with you about.

      • Chris

        Well, AE, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that it will be me going to hell, and not you.

    • whattim

      that is funny, because all of the positive article were about Tebow. He stunk up the place. he could not throw spiral to save his life. Good thing he has God.

    • Don

      CBS should have paid Tebow’s offensive line a bonus to do their job. Then CBS could be getting even higher ratings for Denver vs. (We don’t need God) Baltimore next weekend. But now, well, meh.

    • Matt

      Yet you can not give Tebow any credit for making the Playoffs then… The Broncos made the Playoffs because their defense was giving up less then 18 points per game in their 8 wins. His offensive line blocked for a 1,200 yard rusher and the Broncos Kicker kicked them to a few wins. You can not make it about Tebow leading his team to the playoffs which he didn’t the Defense did, then turn around and say well it wasn’t Tebo’s fault it was the Defense.

    • Jon

      I believe some people on his team purposefully took a dive. Just a week earlier some on the team had conspired with some of the coaches to try to oust Tebow and bring in Quinn. Tim Tebow should stop wasting his time in Denver and ask for a trade to Jacksonville.

  • john

    He shouldn’t be working on the Sabbath.

    • RJP3

      These fundamentalist evangelicals are quite the joke in the way they pick and choose what to follow in the bible.

      I am fine with that — but it is their BS that they unlike everyone else has the true meaning and true way to follow.

      BLAH to their BS

      • Jon

        If you aren’t a Christ follower why do you care what any self profession Christian follows or doesn’t? Nobody made you God, who are you to decide how other people follow their own religion. Why don’t you go over to Saudi Arabia and tell the radical followers of Islam that they are doing it all wrong, don’t you care about all people equally, or are you so heartless as to hate one specific cultural group just like a Nazi?

    • Patricia Parke

      john, you’re showing your biblical ignorance. The Sabbath is Saturday and a Jewish holy day. In the New Testament, we are told to take the Lord’s Supper the first day of every week: SUNDAY. Sunday is not the sabbath.

  • Leo

    Tebow is a joke !

    • gotatake

      Yeah right, a joke, as I suppose all 8-5 NFL starting QBs that beat the Steelers in the playoffs are. A lot of very seriously talented people like my very own Tony Romo were at home watching this “joke” perform. Go Tebow, teach the haters about leadership!

      • Craig Britt

        Yeah, lead them to the bar to watch the REAL teams play football.

    • u dufus

      Jerk it again pal…it’s the only life you know

  • Brian Kelsey

    Tim Tebow. The guy we are supposed to believe that God is more concerned making sure he wins football games than ending the wars and famine across the globe.

    • gotatake

      You said that, not Tebow or any of his supporters. Satan is feeding you b.s. in order to confuse the message.

    • brenda

      The rulers that be are to be blamed for the wars, not God.. FREE WILL.. ever heard of it? Tim Tebow uses his FREE WILL to praise God for the talent, and the platform God has given him. Why wouldn’t God bless him?

      • Chuckc

        (Romans 9:18 Therefore God has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and he hardens whom he wants to harden.) You have no free will and that is biblical!

      • American Elm

        Chuck, it is amazing that you read the book of Romans and missed the entire point, just to fixate on one line.

        You DID read the whole thing, didn’t you?

    • Joseph

      Actually, the kid believes that there are more important things in his life and the NFL, like helping others and giving to charity. You know not of what you speak….!

    • John Bourgon

      Sadly you have no idea what a true christain belief is. When Tebow is interviewed…you should listen!

    • Go Tebow!

      Brian you have no clue.

  • Juergensen

    Tim, take the offer and when you’re on the air tell America about the need to get rid of all the sodomites!

  • Tom

    My guess is that CBS wants to humiliate him.
    Tebow is not a commentator, and the unclean snakes of CBS would use all of their trickery to discredit Tebow’s faith.

  • Beenaroundyaknow

    I hope he has the good sense to say “No” He’d probably have a 15 second delay on anything he said so they can bleep him

  • brenda

    Just say NO,TEBOW! They don’t deserve you or the ratings they’ll get with you there!

  • Acheet Mapanz

    Good for you Tim! Class is such a rare bird in professional sports. Don’t forget that you are a target now and Celebrity Schadenfreude is lurking around every corner. You’ve made your stand, now stick with it. And don’t mess it up!
    Go in that booth and call the game. Retirement from injury could happen with any play.(Peyton?)
    Enjoy the Ride dude.
    Tebow in
    Thugs out..finally……Here that Vick? They both who’s the hero?
    Oh yeah..who hasn’t been beaten by Brady!

    • John Bourgon

      Good words !

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