Suspect Arrested In Lauderhill Double Shooting

LAUDERHILL (CBSMiami) – Police in Lauderhill have arrested 32-year-old Eric Montgomery, wanted in connection with the murder of his wife and stepdaughter in Lauderhill New Years Day. His family had begged him to turn himself in. Now, he faces charges of premeditated murder.

It all started early Sunday evening when Lauderhill Police found the bodies of Natalia Montgomery, 34, and her daughter, Alexis Montgomery, 19, inside Eric Montgomery’s home on NW 55th Avenue. Both had been shot to death.

Police said Natalia had a fight with Eric Montgomery and he began shooting.

In addition to murdering Natalia and Alexis, Eric is also charged with shooting his grandmother, 73-year-old Bertharee Tomlin.

“It was a relationship that was bad for her and she paid for it with her life,” lamented the victim’s mother, Veda Hamilton.

She said the Montgomery’s relationship was volatile and that there were warning signs.

“I think he was jealous and possessive and demanding,” said the victim’s father Willie Hamilton. “I spoke to my daughter, but she wanted to be with him.”

“I begged her to leave him and they’d separate, but she’d always go back to him,” Veda said.

After the shooting, Eric Montgomery went to his mother’s house in Fort Lauderdale, where he’d later surrender to police at around 4 a.m. Monday.

“He just went into a rage,” said the suspect’s brother, Tod Bryant. “My family is sorry to the victim’s family.”

Bryant said he doesn’t know what sparked the fight on New Year’s Day, but hopes both families will be able to move forward for the sake of the couple’s seven-year-old daughter Erica.

“Maybe we could have joint custody, because his family is gone,” Tod said.

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  • john

    One less africanized american on the street.

  • Reuven Kerner

    so john, this is for you.
    i’m just another pale dude that grew up in the 50’s. i served my country for four years. i was violently killed….
    anyway, those of you who believe in reincarnation may believe this.
    i was reborn and grownup when i realized, hey! i’m a brother..
    i grew up to be an inovator in the field of brain surgery, helping ALL without WORRY of their complexion.

    John… sorry to bring you the bad news.

    john….it’s my belief that you have no common sense and that there is only one thing a doctor can prescribe for you…

    a great big beating

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