Ft. Lauderdale To Offer Homeless Free Rides Out Of Town

FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Just in time for the holidays, the City of Ft. Lauderdale has come up with a way to help the homeless who have relatives in other parts of the country who are willing to take care of them.

Tuesday, the Ft. Lauderdale city commission approved a $25,000 program which will buy them one-way bus tickets out of town. The program won’t cost taxpayers a dime.  It’s being paid for by the Florida Law Enforcement Trust Fund, which is money confiscated from criminals.

Vice Mayor Bobby DuBose was the only commissioner to vote against the program, saying he believes that there are other ways the money could be used to help the homeless.  He said he was also concerned that some homeless people may take advantage of the program and use it as a cheap vacation.

Under terms of the program, a participant would only be eligible to receive a free ticket once.

Vicki Nugent, who now calls Stranahan Park in downtown Ft. Lauderdale home, never dreamed that one day she would be living on the streets.

“I came here because my boyfriend was on the run and I left Johnstown, Pennsylvania and came here five years and four months ago and I been here ever since,” said Nugent.  “I just got stuck.  I can’t explain it.”

Nugent said she’d be eligible for the program because she has several family members willing to take care of her back home.

“I have three younger sisters, my grand children, my daughters and two of my sons,” said Nugent.

Sean Cononie, who runs a homeless shelter in Hollywood, said if Fort Lauderdale runs its program the same way Broward County does, and the homeless aren’t forced onto buses to leave, he’s all in favor.

“We need to not force the homeless into leaving town.  That’s their God given right to be where ever they want to be.  But if they want to go home and the city’s willing put them home, I think it’s a great opportunity for both parties,” said Cononie.

Nugent, who hopes to one day leave the streets behind, said she’s going to look into it.

So far, about 100 homeless people like Nugent have expressed interest in the program.  The city hopes to have it up and running by early January.

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  • PAUL

    Didn’t Fidel Castro do the same thing in the 80’s? LOL

    • LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV

      Yes. I see them playing dominoes all day in Little Havana. Vote democrat to maintain their standard of living.

    • Ghostsouls

      And Mexico’s presicent calderon’ is sending his here!!

      • feduptoo

        Exactly! We are the release valve for other countries problems!

        Doesn’t matter to politicians if US citizens cannot find work, and that we are forced to take care of illegals/or legals.

        Now Senator Chuck Schumer, wants to bring in 10,000 Irish immigrants!

        Our D.C. politicians won’t get a clue, until we storm the doors!

    • Dave Mowers

      “Remember, Remember the 6th of November. The bail out, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the bail out treason should ever be forgot!”

      ███ ████

      2 0 1 2

      • Dave Mowers

        “The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at no cost.”

        -Ben Bernanke, Chairman Federal Reserve

    • rufus levin

      he emptied the prisons of criminals and killers and sent the all to the USA…saved money, and sent us terrible rapists, murderers, thieves….

      • jespasinthru

        And Miami has been a Third World hellhole ever since. They had a saying back then: “Will the last American leaving Miami please bring the flag?”

      • AreaMan

        So that’s where all the Democrat voters came from…this explains quite a bit.

      • alan

        Lets here it for the democrat, Carter who single handedly ruined south florida.

    • Carol


    • Domingo

      yes he did send them all over to the us and it was call mariel boat and he dint even pay for there way out .

      • DigitalBob

        I remember seeing video of one guy on the news. He had ‘Yo soy loco’…’I am crazy’…tattooed on his forehead.

        As you recall, that was a brain storm of Jimmy Carter’s….the second worst president of our lifetimes.

      • Castro Sucks @$$

        It was called the Mariel Boatlift. In turn, Castro cleaned out his jails, nuthouses, and orphanages. Castro dropped the unwanted dregs on South FL. The schools, public housing, and welfare system is still overwhelmed!!!

      • Carol


  • Domingo

    why not help these people in anyway or form they dint get there cause they wanted not just paythem a oneway ticket and put them in a bus to let another county or state take care of them these way the politicion look good and the city also shame that we are getting to be people that dont care for man kind and help them just put them out like a dog leave it to the politicals to handle everything and screew it up

    • Dave

      “I love Mankind. It’s People I can’t stand.” Charles M. Schultz

    • Me

      So taking money from working people by force (taxes) = caring for mankind. Give all of YOUR money that you wish to. But if your writing skills are any indication, I doubt that would amount too much.

    • Dave

      Hey Domingo – Want a bus ticket? I’ll give you a phonics books to entertain you on your journey.

      • heelers4me

        Dave, LMAO!

      • Eddie


    • no one

      Sure Domingo. Are you going to pay for it? Not me.

      • PowerPC

        Maybe the homless people can learn a lesson from the illegal Mexican immigrants. They should pool their money for a couple of months and live in a two room house with 20 people stacked in there like cord-wood. The Mexicans know how to do it. They even turn a prophet at the end of every week or month and send it back to their families in Mexico. If the immigrants can do it why not the homeless…….Unless immigrants get more social funding and programs than the homeless Americans.

      • Joe

        Anybody want some illegals from California?

  • John Conner

    This is a way to dump the homeless elsewhere, saying it gives the homeless a way to go “home” is absurd. they don’t have a home hence being “homeless” The money can better be used for vocational training and for shelters, south florida has no real shelters excpet during a hurricane. Addicts don’t choose to become addicted, homeless don’t choose to be homeless, mental illness is a disease, not a moral issue in the case of some homeless. Treat the core of the problem, not the effect

    • Bewildered in NY

      “mental illness is a disease, not a moral issue in the case of some homeless.” ?? So for people with homes and mental illness, it’s a “moral issue”? What are you talking about?

    • Grayhound

      And Bleeding Heart Liberals don’t choose to become Bleeding Heart Liberals, -it’s just in their DNA.

    • Geo Doughtyman

      I have nephews who use this program to travel from city to city because lots of cities have programs. Nothing to it.

    • Akela

      It’s pretty obvious that you’ve never even MET a homeless person, John. They pretty much LIKE where they are.

    • dwalk

      Give then vocational training for all those jobs out there waiting to be filled?
      Nearly all Addicts made their choice when they first started using drugs.
      I can see hundreds of them all lined up up to leave the warm weather in Florida for Destination resorts in New York, Detroit, maybe even N. Dakota where there are some actual jobs available.
      This one-way ticket business has been going on for years. Most cities just keep quiet about it.

    • GL Lee

      Actually John, a vast overwhelming number of them CHOOSE to be bums. It’s a fact, look it up. The last time I looked it was around 85% voluntary. My wife used to be in the business of helping them, and she’ll now be the first to tell you it’s futile. They ALL have mailboxes somewhere so they can pick up their social security and welfare checks, too, John. Wake up buddy.

    • Sammie Jo

      Addicts don’t choose to become addicted???
      Except for people who get hooked on drugs while in the hospital, I have never noticed anyone forcing drugs on anyone, an addict became an addict because they willingly ingested in drugs.
      My ex SIL is a crack addict, she CHOSE to pick up the crack pipe, she CHOOSES to continue with it, even after 6 months in jail and getting clean.
      I have zero sympathy for her or anyone else who WILLINGLY becomes an addict.

    • eegor

      “Addicts don’t choose to become addicted…”

      I disagree. The addict took an addicting drug by choice, thus choosing the lifestyle.

    • Kay

      Only if they WANT to learn and WANT help. Lots of homeless people dont want to go by the rules that organizations who offer to help them insist on. You cant save everyone. Many people dont WANT to be saved. So be it

      • August

        The homeless do not want to follow their rules & convert to their religion…how about only REAL HOUSING, REAL TRAINING, and REAL JOBS?

  • Carol

    This is a great idea as long as they stay where we sent them and not return because it is so cold in so many places that if the family or friends decide they no longer want them back and they end up in the street again they will come back again.

    But all we can do is try to help the homeless noting more nothing less.

  • Jon

    Nothing new here, the central ca. coastal city I lived in back in the 70’s would on occasion do an early morning sweep and place those swept up onto a bus to LA.

  • rufus levin

    This is the OLD Mississippi Welfare Program….a free bus ticket to New York.

  • Justin Tyme

    Back in the ‘olden days’ this was standard practice in cities and towns across America. It as known as a ‘floater.’

    • Spanky

      I remember that. It seems like some people are just hearing about it for the first time.

  • GJ

    Anybody notice the grammer in this article? I bet some of the homeless could have done better.

    • Sheryl Lynn

      Absolutely. Can’t even explain away the mistakes with a simple “typo” excuse. It’s just atrocious.

      • doctorate

        I know. I thought a child wrote the article.

    • Bill

      Yes, as well as the issue of your spelling of the word grammar.

      • dwalk

        Maybe grammer is phonics for someone’s grandmother?

  • LOL

    Send them all to San Fransicko
    The Stooges (Pelosi, Boxer, Fienstine) will welcome them all with open arms and open taxpay wallets!

    • Cathy frenette

      Hey we don’t want more here keep your freaks in Florida

      • dwalk

        So what you are saying is that you are filled up with freaks and you have your “No Vacancy” signs out?

    • nightsky

      C’mon…a grammar mistake is a little bit more grievous than a spelling mistake, don’t you think?

    • hoopty

      I was going to say the same thing. They LOVE street bums in San Francisco. Send ALL your homeless to San Francisco. It’s the homeless capital of the US.

  • ivanthedestroyer77

    Where is the destination.. Dachau? Idiots. And, how many of you disgusting vermin call yourselves Christians? Remember, Lazarus? ,

    • jim conch

      So what does Lazarus have to do with it? As to Dachau, there aren’t any ovens here, yet!

    • Spanky

      What is your address and what time is dinner?

      BTW, please no feather pillows, I prefer synthetic due to allergies. See you soon!

      • Dave

        Phx. and 6pm usually. Breakfast at 5am You either cook or buy groceries or do dishes for the meals. I have 15 acres and 24 head of horses that need picked up after, worked, fed etc., usually around 10 head of cattle that need the same (except worked) 12 1/2 acres of pasture that needs watered and mowed and 6 tons of feed per month to load and distribute daily along with about 20 tons of what comes out the other end mixed with straw and wet dirt. The tractor’s broke so you’ll have to fix it before the next mowing or planting. Oh, and there’s usually around 35 dogs on property on any given day training, boarding or rehab for rescue. All the food, work, clean stuff for the horses applies to them too. That pays for the room. This takes about 8-10 hours per day, leaving time for an evening shift at some other job for cash to get back on your feet. Fair ’nuff?

        Should I go on?

    • Fredflintstone Third

      I am not Christian….thanks…but no thanks.

      • ivanthedestroyer77

        Are you human, do you have a Brain? Do you have a conscience, are you Conscious? If not, then by Law, I can Abort You … Christian or Not.

    • Kay

      And your solution, name-caller?

      • ivanthedestroyer77

        Close all the useless military bases. Stop all BS War.

        Stop murdering people of color under the euphemism of terrorist. Cut the military by ¾. Stop all foreign aid and job exportation. Tax Imports until the “greedy little monkeys” are forced to bring back the prosperity they stole from America. I’m certain this is a Great Start. More then any of you idiots could muster!

        And, if you don’t like that, I can always summon SS-18 SATAN’S out of RUSSIA and Deliver all of you monkeys to the Creator!

    • me321

      LOL! @ LOL

      • ivanthedestroyer77

        LOL … what’s that some sick form of playing with yourself??? Get Help.

    • Justin Tyme

      It appears for at least one person the destination is Johnstown, PA., not Dachau. She’s says she’s stuck in Ft. L., and will use the program to get home to family and friends who can help her get off the street. Sounds as if the city is doing the Christian thing by helping those who are stranded find their way home.

      • GL Lee

        ivan… are you twelve? Hitler was a mass murderer that systematically killed 6 million innocent people you buffoon. You are an obvious light thinker and graduate of government school.

      • gfy2734.com

        So her family couldn’t buy a cheap ticket to get her home?

      • Dave

        “So her family couldn’t buy a cheap ticket to get her home?”

        That’s the one I meant when I said “top comment on this article”, forgot the quotes don’t follow here.

      • Dave

        The top comment on the article. Congratulations.

      • ivanthedestroyer77

        So did Hitler.

    • LOL

      Lazarus was in the final episode of Star Trek!

      • ivanthedestroyer77

        Laugh … and when You are Burning in the lake of Fire, Christian … I will Laugh!!

  • alan

    Send them all to San Francisco. They like homeless there

  • Scudbuster

    Grammer check!

    “I came here because my boyfriend was on the run and I left Johnstown, Pennsylvania and came here five years and for months ago and I been here ever since,”

    “For” does not equal 4

    • GL Lee

      On the run for what? Is he a criminal?

    • Gia

      And Grammer is spelled Grammar…

  • occupy this

    It’s no fun when your city is on the receiving end. Several years ago, Fresno put many of its homeless on a bus to Tucson.

  • Osama Bedead

    “He (DuBose) said he was also concerned that some homeless people may take advantage of the program and use it as a cheap vacation.”

    Excuse me? THEY SAY THEY ARE HOMELESS! That means they won’t have the money to get a bus ticket back. THAT’S THE IDEA!!! Give them a vacation with their families and let the families take care of them rather than the homeless shelters. DUH!!!

    • Ted Hughes

      If you really think the “homeless” don’t have any money…you are clueless. My dad become a millionaire owning a liquor store selling booze and lottery tickets to the “homeless”.

      • Me

        And you have been sponging off him ever since. Fess up. LoL

      • MWR

        Tell me about it! There was a scruffy, unwashed young man this past summer who would stand in front of one of our local supermarkets with a handmade cardboard sign on which he’d scrawled, “Out of work, no home.” I debated giving him some money, but I’m always leery of panhandlers of any sort. A few weeks into July I was glad I hadn’t. I ended up behind him in line at that same grocery store, where he was using the money folks had given him out of charity to buy a 30-pack of Natural Light, a carton of cigarettes, and a 20oz bottle of Coke.

        If he’d been buying eggs, milk and carrots, okay. But beer and cigarettes? No. That tells me you don’t REALLY want to get out of your situation. That tells me you’re just interested in paying for your indulgences and aren’t willing to sacrifice. That tells me I was right to drive past you and give my donation to the Salvation Army instead.

  • canaan

    Ever thought about proofreading before you publish?

  • Mike

    You would think that with three younger sisters, grand children, daughters and two sons some one would have been looking for her. Maybe they don’t want her back.

  • changomango

    Did this reporter pick up an illegal alien from his local Home Depot to write the article for him? It’s filled with grammatical errors.

  • Margaret

    Who wrote this? Does their computer not have grammatic and spell check? “…she’d be eligible for the program because she has several families members will to take care of her back home.” My fourth grader writes better than that. So annoying!

    • dwalk

      It is very difficult to write for the media while riding in a bus, on a one way ticket, heading North to Alaska!

    • MWR

      I’m pretty sure the author got the Siri app on his or her iPhone to actually do the research and write the article,while he/she got soused on Jell-o shots.

      Though actually, no. Siri would at least bother to use Grammar Check.

  • George Semper fi

    Heavens to Mergetroid, I hope they don’t require Photo ID’s for these multi-voters. Has POTUS, Reid, Shumer, Pelosii , and DBW Shultz put their blessings on this evil scheme to require legitamitcy.. Purple fingers anyone?

    • Spanky

      “Heavens to Murgatroyd” was the catchphrase of Snagglepuss (the pink panther on “The Quick Draw McGraw Show” and “The Yogi Bear Show.”

    • MWR

      I’m sure the Democrat hackery would actually approve of requiring ID for this little venture. Imagine all of the names and birth dates and SSNs they could co-opt from these people to generate all the fake votes they’ll need to win Obama another election! It’s a goldmine! I’m surprised Teh Won didn’t think of it himself.

  • Bruce_Almty

    I’m going to Disney World :)))

    • Margaret

      So I am on Saturday! I live in Orlando :)

  • MWR

    “Vicki Nugent, who now calls Stranahan Park in downtown Ft. Lauderdale home, never dreamed one day she would be living on the streets.

    ‘I came here because my boyfriend was on the run and I left Johnstown, Pennsylvania and came here five years and for months ago and I been here ever since,” said Nugent. “I just got stuck. I can’t explain it.””

    With all due respect to Ms. Nugent, when you find yourself in Fort Lauderdale because, and I quote, your “boyfriend was on the run,” I imagine that ending up on the streets is one of the BETTER living arrangements you can hope for.

    If she has so many able and willing family members to take care of her, why haven’t any of them taken the time to get in a car or on a bus, travel down to Fort Lauderdale, pick her up, and bring her back to PA? It’s not THAT far away. A few hours in the car or on a bus or train, then a few hours back. The whole roundtrip could be completed in under 48 hours, and that’s if you’re going slow. Soooo… Why didn’t they do it?

  • Urban Meyer

    Was this article written by a homeless person?

    “for months ago”

    “will to take care of”

    Good lord, Florida! Tebow prays for your education.

  • Steve M.

    Los Angeles is calling. Join the OWS-OLA crowd. The mayor and city council is getting down with the struggle and supporting them.

  • J.j. Erler

    “I have three younger sisters, my grand children, my daughters and two of my sons,” who don’t care enough about their homeless mother to pool enough money together to buy her a bus ticket?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Dennis Johnson

      Cry me a river!!!

  • Stop being useless

    Let’s fly the nations homeless to California, they seem to enjoy caring for them.

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