Up A Pole, Miami Cop OK

MIAMI (CBS4) – This is something you don’t see everyday.

Miami police officer J. Brutus is OK, but possibly feeling a bit sheepish Tuesday morning, after getting distracted while driving and running his patrol car up a pole. Not into it, but up it.

“I heard boom, boom, boom!” Pamela Green said. “Then all the lights went out. I look out, I see he’s up the pole.”

The accident happened before rush hour Tuesday morning, near the intersection of NW 6th Avenue and 67th street in Miami.

Miami police spokesperson Detective Willie Moreno said Brutus, a 4 year veteran, was driving when he was momentarily distracted, as he reached for a fallen pen. His patrol car left the road and headed for a utility pole, but before it struck the pole, the car rode up along a guy wire.

“His vehicle rode on to the tension cord of this pole,” said Moreno.

The officer was briefly trapped inside the patrol car, but was helped to freedom by Miami Fire Rescue.

The officer was not hurt, and after the door was opened from the outside, the officer was able to walk away while laughing.

“For us to look and see him come out of the car, not a scratch on him,” said Yvonne Sorellis, “He didn’t even look shook up because he was just laughing.”

Yvonne grabbed a lawn chair to wait and watch because she said the ‘police car up a pole’ is better than any movie.

“Just been very interesting; I hadn’t seen nothing this good since ‘Bad Boys’ with Will Smith,” Sorellis said.

Sorellis took pictures and had a quick plan on what to do with them, “I’m going to put them on Facebook.”

  • reggie

    Texting perhaps?

    • http://zombiespirituality.wordpress.com Zombie Spirituality

      The only Shock to the video is that youhad to watch a 30 second commercial and then watch peopel comment on the incident….wow FAIL!

  • Javier

    Send these Id**** to driving school. Driving up a pole, driving 120 MPH, What’s next?

  • tina

    The Miami cruiser was being chased by a FHP.

  • Hoof Arted

    He was texting of course. Another idiot cop “serving & protecting us”.

    • sgt barnes

      serving us tickets and protecting us from ourselves…

  • laffin'atcha

    he saw the hot & now sign at Krispy Kreme.

  • CJ

    I miss you Jessica….

    • Too MUCH

      Did you bit your tongue?

    • Cathy Kaiser


    • Ben Dover

      That was my first thought.

    • Mark Langley

      …has your husband left for work yet?

    • Keep Honkin I'm Reloading


    • Huuf Arted


  • Barack Obozo

    Good example of the intelligence it takes to be a cop.

    • koprock

      Yeah, no intelligence needed… just a pulse.

  • bob

    Jerry, is your car up a pole again?

    • Baernie

      I agree!!

    • Tom

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My First thought too! =]

  • Pete Gaughenba

    Probably on his laptop. I see cops all the time driving around staring at their laptop screen instead of the road.

  • cletus van damme

    The main reason why people become cops nowadays is because of the benefits (free car, big paycheck, carrying a gun, retire after 20 years, 90k pension, best healthcare), not to protect and serve. Many were bullied in school and just want to get revenge on society. Now nobody can mess with them and they love the power. They do not follow their oath, nor do they protect and serve. They are just there to tax citizens with tickets and enforce illegal laws.


      With so too many that is the case. Look at the situation in North Miami Beach.

    • John

      A few years back I attended a friend’s graduation from the police academy. A friend of my friend who was already an officer was there. At dinner that night the friend mentions to everyone, maybe 8 of us, that one of his favorite aspects of being a cop is that nobody can f*** with you. They he says that better yet, when he goes to bars or clubs he sometimes taunts people until they lose control. Told us that he can then proceed to beat their a**es and that after the incidents the other people get cited for assaulting an officer, because all they need to do is simply tough him, after all his taunting, and it opens the floodgates for him to give a legal a**whooping followed by a citation. He said the law in our state enables this to the point that he does not even need to identify himself during that type of scenario for the criminal, ahem… victim, to be cited for assaulting an officer.

      It’s really hard to understand how people like that end up being promoted instead of weeded out.

    • McCarthyism

      Brother, I am a police officer (in Boston, MA) and you couldn’t be more right about the characteristic traits of a police officer. Most of them (90% of them), are insecure, have inferiority complexes, and suffer from some identity disorder (from bullied to BULLY). Believe me, you wouldn’t want half of these guys assisting any family member or loved one of yours! It’s no wonder that EVERYONE hates police officers, but adore fire fighters! I hate police officers too — and I’m one!

      • thegirlulovetohate

        from the daughter of an old timer cop, detective, and Marshall, Buford is the new breed of cop that is the reason the majority of us, me included, hate cops now. especially those in uniform seem to be the worst offenders of bloated heads and bully with a badge syndrome. suspended with pay is just time for the public to forget about the issue and then it gets swept under the rug and back on patrol they go. Days are gone when you can look to the police to go to for protection, instead, i cringe everytime I see one, waiting to see if i am their next target of enforcing the laws they love to “bend” for their own interpretation. especially here in SoFL.
        Bullies with Badges.

      • Aaron

        van damme and mccarthy are both right on. The benfits that cops get is outrageous-a taxpayer ripoff. What’s going to happen to this guy? Nothing most likely. Why not dock his pension to pay for this? I had a run-in with Miami PD back in 1999 because some moron in the department forgot to take my car off of the stolen list after I recovered it. Yes, I did file a report. I live in Palm Beach County now. Miami is a sewer. There ought to be a clause that their health care plans not cover illnesses related to steiroids. That would save taxpayers lots of dough.

    • Buford

      You clearly don’t know s**t about law enforcement. Time to turn off CSI and take your meds.

      • McCarthyism

        Buford, keep livin’ the dream son, eventually you’ll come to terms with what MOST people are in our profession. When someone calls a spade a spade, no need to respond with anger by trying to defend our profession that can no longer be shielded. There are many good police officers, but they are no longer the majority — and that goes for any city, town, state, or federal LE department. It sounds like YOU are the one who needs to shut those old reruns of “The Shield” off.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    My captain really drives me up the pole.

  • TroyG

    Lots of negative comments here. I guess there are many more perfect people in America than heretofore known.
    Give it a rest, a human being became distracted.

    • Cincinnatus

      TroyG – the problem is you and I will get charged with a crime – he won’t. Not that we are perfect but there are two standards when it comes to what cops do and what we do.

      If he isn’t charged then why should any other person?

      Don’t believe me – look at the DEA agent that discharged his gun in a classroom and shot himself in the foot while telling the students what a professional he was. No charges against him despite he the fact he could have killed a student.

    • Spencer B

      David Axelrod said it best today “The higher a monkey climbs on a pole, the more you can see his butt”

    • Locke

      Not too many people drive up light poles, Troy.
      And if they do the coppers throw the book at them.
      People hate hypocrisy and for good reason.

      • TheTruthHurts

        Well said. Any member of the public does this and they’re ‘being evaluated’ for drugs, booze, etc. – and when the insurance co is notified, gets a nice $1000 added to their car insurance bill. Brutus, he’s ‘laughing about it’ because he knows he’ll get a new car.

    • Wiglaf

      …and of course the police and their prosecutors are all too happy to ram that same law down our throats.

    • Jason

      The problem is that a normal citizen would find himself in jail and lose his license, while the government agent (the one who wears a costume and attaches metal jewelry to it) will get a different car and at worst a paid vacation.

    • Wiglaf

      Yes, but this police officer will probably get a nice paid vacation (paid administrative leave), won’t get ticketed for reckless driving, and will also still get his pension, health insurance, and keep his job because his fellow officers and union reps are “watching his back.” It’s the all too common problem of the police thinking they are above the law.

      • Jason

        It’s amazing how many people lump cops into the same catagory like you do, yet still feel free to call 911 when your in trouble and have those same people save/help you… Ever hear the phrase “biting the hand that feeds you”? It applies here… Instead of trying to blanketly make cops look bad, how about you spend some time figuring out the good they have probably done you or all of us.

      • SelfDef

        I Wiglaf I prefer to call M1911 always much closer and faster to respond.

      • livinthedream

        Hey Buford, please, do us all a favor, will you leave the library’s computer alone, and return to your parent’s basement!

      • Buford

        Sounds like Lance has spent a little time in the back seat; a little angry and bitter towards cops are we Lance?

      • Wiglaf

        Jason, I’m well aware that when you call 911, the police are minutes away. So, I’m prepared to defend myself and if the police want to stop by and clean up the bodies, then they are welcome to it. Second, you’re wrong. The police are not feeding us. We, the taxpayers, are feeding the police. If “bite the hand that feeds” fits anywhere, it’s when the police make criminals of innocent taxpayers.

      • Lance

        Jason, you’re obviously a cop. Cops always throw that “you’ll still call 911” BS up, anytime the police are criticized. You’re right though, he is only human, and should be treated as any other human that wrecked his vehicle by becoming distracted. He should be charged with reckless driving and ticketed. Agree Officer Jason???

  • tim3500

    His doughnut fell on the floor.

  • JJ

    I would have thought he was running from the Florida Highway Patrol!!!!!

  • Mikey

    I’m a hot babe out jogging. I’m out making sure *this* stays a ten, when you drive by…..

    • Jane Doe

      Are you sure it wasn’t the GPS error one?

  • Cincinnatus

    If it is like EVERY other cop I see driving in their car – they are either talking on the phone or texting. Amazing they are are able to actually respond to an emergency considering the pressing matters they are preoccupied with on the phone.

  • Maobama

    Glad he was ok.

    • Santa

      At least someone here cares. Thank-you for your kindness. Society benefits from you being a part of it.

      • Rudolf

        Eat your cookies and drink your milk you fat old elf.

  • Maobama

    Cincinnatus? I’m from Cincinnatus. What are the chances? lol

  • JOe Dutra

    Did he receive a field sobriety test? I didn’t think so.

  • supercop

    Did he get a ticket or harassed by other cops like the rest of us would have? Of course not, they are above the law.

  • Ben Watson

    Florida – home of one of the most corrupt police forces in the United States. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • Mark Langley

      Never been to NJ then, have you?

    • Cavalryman

      You mean Miami, I am sure. Perhaps ven Metro-Dade…

  • Ben Watson

    Florida – home of one of the most corrupt police forces in America. This does not surprise me at all.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    Everyone makes mistakes. A refresher defensive driving course and a verbal reprimand should be all the official punishment he should get. The city should avoid releasing his name. I hope the officer enjoys the ballbusting he’s going to receive from his colleagues.

    • Wiglaf

      Don’t forget to add getting ticketed for reckless driving and charged for any damage to public property including the police vehicle like any other honest citizen would get ticketed and charged for.

  • jacques poutine

    isn’t the charge for distracted driving the same as for impaired driving? by law shouldn’t this man be losing his license?

  • Hank Smith

    I am a cop. I wasn’t bullied in high school. I don’t bully the public. The “free” car is shared with another deputy. I will work till I am 60, and basically have the same 401K as anyone can have for themselves. I additionally invest on my own outside of my work retirement so I won’t be a burden on society.

    I drive my cruiser 20-30K miles a year. Do you drive that much? In 15 years of service, I have hit one deer, and one roadside sign. The sign only scratched the car real bad, so it didn’t cost anything. Our department mandates that if we are at fault, we see days off. Unpaid days off.

    So in fifteen years of service, I have recovered thousands of dollars in property. I have arrested and fought with dozens of really bad guys that most people wouldn’t even want to talk to. I have saved several lives in that time. I have seen horrible things that most can’t even imagine. All these things, and I work for what amounts to a mid-size community with very little crime. Big PD’s see ten times the amount of crime I do. They see much worse bad guys than I ever deal with.

    This guy was probably reading something on his in-car computer while going to a call. Updates are constantly sent to it to give us a better idea of what we are going to. So calm down everyone. Its a minor accident. If you got in the same wreck, you may get a minor traffic ticket. It ain’t that big of a deal. That is what insurance is for.

    • KissMyAmericanFlag

      You stay in and strong, hank smith. We need more decent cops as much as we need more decent/ legal citizens here. Mistakes are often made, and perhaps the learning can happen on both sides of the badge…

    • cat up a tree

      We really could care less about your diatribe..go eat your donuts!!

    • noemami

      You’re rare, because most cops in this country retire after 20 years with pension=full salary. Who else gets that???

    • hopeand change

      OK. You just won my vote — cops really are the most honest, upstanding, and hardest working people in the world. You are a buffoon! Who the eff cares what you have done, you clown!

      • DutyHonorCountry

        Hopeand change does your mom still recharge your AOL minutes each month ?

    • Chris

      Anyone else gets a ticket. A guy with a badge is to busy laughing to be shook up and wont get a ticket for complete NEGLIGENCE. My insurance required a deductable. Between the car, fire resue, damage to property, the tow company and his wages paid while cleaning up his mess….what do you think this cost the tax payers? How much out of pocket do you think this guy will pay? But what the hell, he got a good laugh out of it. I bet you would re-think your position if your wife or children had been walking there at the time.

      • Buford

        Oh boo hoo Chris…get over it…it was an accident, nothing more.

    • Martin Felix

      I go back and forth about the police. I have had a couple of major crimes committed against me, and both times I was not impressed with what the police did. I have been in involved in an accident that were not my fault and I was treated like a criminal because the perp was an attractive women. I have had police obstruct me rather than help me when trying to deal with a medical emergency. I get tickets for 10 over, and then have cops leaving the academy and heading home whiz by me at 10 over. Now civil liberties are going away and the police are militarized agents of the corporate rulers. Sorry, but now I cant trust you at all….. I am not even sure I would call 911 if I am a victim of a crime.

    • The Point

      I sympathize with your point Hank, but you obviously are not a big city South Florida cop, being that you hit a deer.

      The frustration that you see being expressed on this article’s comment section is the result of years of escalating abuses and general apathy we get from our local LEOs.

      For example, last holiday season someone thought they had a parking space I had pulled into. That person followed me into the mall, threatening me the whole time. While this person was following me, I called 911 and said that this person was following me and threatening me. Their response was they couldn’t do anything about it until this person did something to me. So much for protection, right?

      Another example: A female crack head had lost her way into my neighborhood. After 2.5 hours of 6 cops and 4 squad cars doing what looked like no more than harassing her in my front lawn, they arrested her, leaving their exam gloves ON THE GROUND IN MY YARD!

      I have more stories, but my point is that we are frustrated with the people who are supposed to be protecting us because the impression is that they do not care about us, yet we continue to pay for their services and don’t really have a choice in the matter.

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