CORAL GABLES (CBS4) – You could call 1248 Coral Way in Coral Gables a one of a kind.  Four massive lots on tree lined roadway and a home dating back to 1929.  It certainly is a Coral Gables original.

“There is not one crack in this floor nor the floor in the dining room.  It’s just fabulous work,”  George Richards of National Auction Company said.

Richards showed CBS4’s David Sutta around the home pointing out stuff you just don’t see anymore.  A massive porcelain kitchen sink, Dade pine floors, and solid wood cabinets.

“They haven’t been touched.  They haven’t been restored,” Richard said.

This fixer upper belonged to James Davidson Jr. for more than a half a century.  We he died a year ago and left it not to family or charity, but the US Government.

Richards explained, “It is unusual but it was what he wanted to do and certainly it was his to do with.”

Davidson’s patriotism didn’t stop with his home.  Apparently he left bank accounts, bonds, and stocks to Uncle Sam as well.

“I’m glad he did.  If he didn’t I wouldn’t be standing here,” Greg Lopez said.

With his partners, Lopez won the auction this past weekend for the house.

The final price: $1.3 million dollars out the original door.

As for his plans, Lopez said, “definitely the house we want to restore and then we will see what happens.”

Lopez, a general contractor, will get a six bedroom and a two car garage. But will have to deal with termites, water damage, and a home that wasn’t updated past 19-60.

“This is where you put your telephone.  And this doesn’t work anymore but this is the bell that you ring for the servant.”  Richards said as he showed us what resembled a door bell.

There was even more unusual stuff.  He led Sutta into a closet.

“It just looks like part of the wall but this is a secret closet.  And this is where you could put your valuables or important papers.”

The house has stood the test of many hurricanes.  Then again it probably had something to do with Davidson’s fears.  Massive hooks are found on every window frame.

“He was so afraid of hurricanes, this one came down, but he had these brackets added so he could put a 2×4 down there to hold it,” said Richards.

As unique as this historic home is what is just as interesting is the stuff that was inside.  All of it including artwork, sculptures, glassware, even a 1950 circa TV, is headed to the auction block in January or February.

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