Police ID Man Killed In South Dade Shoot Out

SOUTH MIAMI-DADE COUNTY (CBSMiami) – One man was killed, a second hospitalized after a wild police chase through Miami-Dade came to a deadly end on U.S 1 at Mile Marker 126, about a half mile south of Card Sound Road.

Miami-Dade police said it started with a federal investigation, headed by the Drug Enforcement Administration. A senior law enforcement source told CBS4 News that federal immigration agents, ATF agents and Miami-Dade police had targeted members of a South Dade gang for more than six months.

The source told CBS4 News that the gang was selling drugs and automatic weapons. PBA president John Rivera said he was told two men were under investigation and had violent histories.

“This was an extremely dangerous situation from the very beginning to the very end,” Rivera said.

When officers moved in to serve arrest and search warrants on 30-year old Ricardo Aviles and 31-year old Gristoval Aviles at their Homestead home, they took off and the chase was on.

The Aviles made it as far south as the Last Chance Saloon where they rolled their vehicle. Police said both men came out shooting. Federal agents and police immediately returned fire.

Ricardo Aviles was shot by a Miami-Dade officer as he tried to run into the woods. Gristoval Aviles was shot as he tried to get out of the car. According to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, both men were air lifted to Kendall Regional Hospital where Gristoval Aviles died.  Ricardo Aviles was listed as stable.

  • Jane Doe

    Both those guys had illegal weapon possessions. They were indeed dangerous and now there is one less.

    • Jose Aviles

      you know nothing going only by what the government leads you to believe if they kill someone in front of your face and say they shot them selves and had a long criminal record I’m sure you would believe it!

  • Ali Aviles

    Really??? Shut up you don’t know the damn story!

  • ray

    two less dirt bags…
    to bad more of that family weren’t in the truck …..

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