MIAMI ( – Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has had his fair share of problems during his brief reign here.

Ireland asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute; he’s failed to draft any solid players past the first round; and he’s been pretty much an inept general manager since arriving in 2008.

Now, according to the Palm Beach Post, Ireland has decided to squat on the rights to quarterback Sage Rosenfels and prevent him from joining the Houston Texans, who are in desperation mode to find a serviceable quarterback.

The Dolphins signed Rosenfels a few weeks ago, but he’s had to try and recover from a blood infection in August that took nearly all of his strength.

As the Post reported, Rosenfels was placed on the non-football injury list on October 25.

But, apparently Rosenfels now feels he has the strength to play.

The Dolphins don’t need any quarterback help, but instead of releasing him; the Fins will keep his rights and prevent him from joining the Texans, according to the Post.

It’s a strange move, considering most teams will move a player who is not actively contributing.

Ireland must have a reason, but he doesn’t discuss roster moves.

UPDATE: 5:48 p.m. – The Dolphins have changed their mind and will release Sage Rosenfels. Expect the Houston Texans to go after him with everything they have got.

  1. Felix El Gato says:

    Well, if there is any sanity in the world, this will one of Jeff Ireland’s last acts as a Dolphin employee.

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