$100M Worth Of Ferraris On Display Above Lincoln Road

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MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – More than 100 feet above Lincoln Road, a Ferrari display like you’ve never seen before. The New York Times already called it the “toughest invitation to score” during Art Basel week.

The exhibition included a $7 million California Passo Corto, an $8 million Berlinetta, a $12 million 1957 Testarossa, and the brand new 458 Spider which can reach speeds up to 198 mph.

$100 million worth of Ferraris were sitting at the now famous South Beach parking garage, 1111 Lincoln Road. A building largely considered a work of art was, for one night, housing many new expensive pieces.

“I think Ferrari is a masterpiece,” said Neit Ojeda, a Ferrari enthusiast.

Ojeda says he can’t get enough of the look and feel of the car. Neither can Joseph Herman.

“If my wife would allow me, I would cut a hole in my garage and drive it right into my living room so that I can look at it every day,” said Herman.

“It is a piece of art. It also has a soul. See, a Ferrari is more than a car,” said Eric Giglione, an insurance agency executive who says he wants to buy a 458 Spider. “So that’s why I’m here to celebrate what obviously is a showcase of what we’re capable of producing when we dream.”

The event was invitation-only, so part of the invite was that people had to drive their own Ferraris into the parking garage.


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