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I love some reality television: Survivor, Amazing Race, the singing competitions, but I draw the line at shows about supposedly real housewives, hoarders and people named Snooki.

Now we hear the people who brought us Snooki and the rest of the “Jersey Shore” nitwits are further corrupting our culture with “Mama Drama,” a show about party-loving mothers stuck in a house with their party-loving daughters.  It’s being described as “more depraved” than “The Jersey Shore.”  You’ve got to wonder about the world we live in when “more depraved” is considered a good thing.

Also, more proof this week that reality is fantasy when it comes to romance.  Former “Bachelorette” Ali has broken up with Roberto.  In twenty-two seasons of the “Bachelor” and “Bacholerette” shows, only one couple is married, unless you count the guy who dumped the one he chose and then married the one he rejected.

Also coming to a TV near you: “Starving Secrets,” a show about eating disorders hosted by former “Growing Pains” actress and recovering anorexic, Tracy Gold.  I hope it sheds light on a serious problem, but with that title, I suspect it will exploit the vulnerable to make a buck.

I think I’ll keep the channel on news and scripted television.


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