PINECREST (CBS4) – At Pete’s barber shop in Pinecrest today there was a big lunch-time crowd getting spruced up for Thanksgiving, but not at all thankful for the gridlock that has gripped Washington as Congress fails to deal with jobs and the deficit.

The failure Monday of the so-called “Super Committee” to reach agreement on deficit reduction dominated the conversation.

“They’re not going to tax the millionaires and they’re not going to cut the spending, it’s as simple as that,” said Bill Kosanke.

“The Republicans and the Democrats aren’t going to compromise on tax cuts and spending cuts, because they’re all focused on the 2012 elections,” Kosanke said, adding that the election needs to put one party or the other in control of the Whitehouse and Congress if progress is going to be made.  He was critical of President Barack Obama for failing to “get the job done” when he had a Democratic House and Senate to work with.

Carol Cameron, dropping in at a Pinecrest super market said the “Super Committee” was designed to fail.

“I knew they wouldn’t come up with anything.  You’ve got six hardcore Republicans and six hardcore Democrats and no way to break a tie,” said Cameron, adding that “we’re all sick” of the Congress’s inability to compromise on anything.

“I don’t trust any of them,” chimed in another shopper.

At his office in Kendall, Optometrist Ricardo Silva expressed his frustration with Congress’s failure to enact meaningful jobs and budget deficit legislation.

“Congress, get to work!” Silva exclaimed.  “There are so many critical issues and problems to address.”


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