MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Employees at Jackson Health System will be required to take furlough days in order to keep the hospital afloat, President Carlos Migoya announced Thursday.

The unpaid time off will have to be completed before the fiscal year ends on September 30, 2012 and will affect all employees, including executives.

“High-quality medical care and patient safety are always our top priority, but these kinds of responsible business decisions are exactly what our taxpayer-owners expect of Jackson,” said Carlos A. Migoya, president and CEO of Jackson Health System. “These are the steps that are necessary to ensure Jackson has the best possible chance to survive in the short-term and thrive in the years to come.”

The amount of furlough days are determined by how much each employee makes. For example, Those earning base salaries of less than $25,000 will only take the equivalent of five unpaid days, at least two of which will be before the end of 2011. Those earning base salaries of more than $200,000 will take 11 days of unpaid leave, including four this calendar year. Employees who fall between $25,000 and $200,000 will take 10 days.

Migoya said the furlough days and additional cuts were needed after Jackson Health System found itself 230 million dollars in the red under former president Dr. Eneida Roldan.

With the furloughs, the company expects to save nearly $27.5 million this fiscal year.

Comments (5)
  1. Bradley Emden says:

    Jackson health plan was reported to be mismanaged to the point of about 27 million dollars. So the insurance misnagagement is now being payed for by the employees. If there are 7 thousand employees and each has to give back approximately 4 days before the end of this calander year, that is 224,000 work hours before the end of the year. The nurses and other health care workers are already overworked now, how does cutting that many hours between now and December 31, 2011 insure the healthcare of dade county citizens. Just 30 dollars from one million citizens would totally cover the cost. The Christmas present to the public health trust employees, must be meant to send a message. If calling in sick is illegal as it represents a defacto strike, than furloughing employees is a defacto lockout.

  2. Concerned citizen says:

    If employees who are making between $25,000 to $200,000 are required to take an unpaid leave of 10 days & the employees who are making over $200,000 are required to take an unpaid leave of 11 days, I find this ratio unfair! Please someone do the MATH!


    to Mr.Emden: as a nurse in a critical care area of JMH, I can assure you that patient care WILL suffer due to the unplanned leave of necessary amount of staff needed to comply with the demand of a “president” who knows NOTHING about healthcare; much less about the safety or lack of in relation to nurse:patient ratios.
    I don’t know about most folks, but I can’t afford 4 days of no pay in less than 40 days…and all before the holidays!!
    I know that something must be done…but as “Mr. Emden” states above…they are making up for years of mismanagement on the backs of the workers in the trenches!!!

  4. ttt says:

    Perhaps Mr. Migoya would give up his large bonus to help balance the budget. Even better why not delay his plans for the large amount of money in capital improvement to make the hospital primarily private rooms. Let,s hope it is not a coun ty comissioner stuck in the ER waiting for a bed, because there are no nurses upstairs to take care of them.

  5. Chico says:

    MISMANAGEMENT. It was and will be always our trouble in our JMH public hospital. I want to see any thing different from Migoya’s Team, him and his 4 asistant’s managers ?, ….. “incredible”. But We are 100% sure that They need to consult specialist in Hospital Administration. Migoya…. your bussines is with your workers looking for job for them, non lossing bed and accounts, cut corruption from others and your managers. We are waiting for you.

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