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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – The Broward State Attorney’s Office has released jailhouse calls from the man accused of murdering his mother in her Hollywood home.

On July 30th, police say Irene Kertesz was found dead, bleeding from the head.

A week after his mother was found murdered Jason Kertesz called his brother from jail. He immediately denied any involvement

“Let me answer the question before it’s asked and say no I did not f****** do that s*** to my mother. I’ve done a lot of things in my life a lot of f***** up wrong nasty s***but I’ve never killed anybody ever,” said Kertesz.

Kertesz’s brother asks him to explain what happened the day their mother was killed and Jason Kertesz seems to admit to stealing his mother’s credit cards.

His brother Sean asks, “You wound up with her cell phone and her car and all of her credit cards and you called all of them checked the limit on all of them to pull money off them?” asked Sean Kertesz, Jason’s brother.

Jason Kertesz responded, “and why did I do that, because I was in debt. Once I did that I was gone I left.”

Jason Kertesz does have a criminal history.

In 2006, CBS4 cameras captured Kertesz leading police on a high speed chase.

Throughout the jailhouse conversation with his brother, Jason Kertesz talks about his criminal past, but insists he could never kill his mother.

His brother said, “Well, if it comes out it wasn’t you, obviously there’s still life to live.” Jason Kertesz responded, “It’s going to come out that it wasn’t. I’m not worried about that.”

During the last several minutes of the twenty minute phone call, Jason Kertesz tries to convince his brother to give him 83 dollars to buy clothing and personal items at the jail.

But his brother refused, and the phone call ended.

Despite his denials, court documents state Kertesz admitted to the murder when talking to a friend, allegedly saying “I just snapped”


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